Several people were injured due to severe turbulence on a plane flying from Madrid to Montevideo

The company Air Europa I had to divert a flight to Brazil on Monday morning New Madrid-Montevideo Route because of A “severe turbulence” episode resulted in the injury of a number of passengers..

This is what the airline itself indicated, which confirmed the incident and explained that the plane We ended up landing at Natal Airport in Brazil There are 325 passengers on board.

According to the authorities of the Brazilian Rio Grande do Norte region – where the emergency landing occurred – emergency teams They treated up to thirty people, some of whom had to be taken to hospital Due to minor trauma or burns.

The company had previously reported that 7 out of 325 passengers travelling on board the plane were injured, and an unspecified number suffered minor bruises.

Up to 15 ambulances were sent to the landing site, as some affected travelers reported on social media.

Now check the device I Passengers will have to travel 4 hours by bus to RecifeWhere another plane belonging to the company will transport them to the specified destination, which is Montevideo.

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