Jimena and Manuel’s wedding is in danger!

Jimena and Manuel’s wedding is in danger!

Let’s see the previews of the episode of La Promessa that will air on September 29, 2023 on Canale5. The plots of the soap episode reveal to us that Duca De Los Infantes will want to break off Jimena’s engagement but the girl will freeze him out. He won’t give up on Manuel… not now!

In the episode D The Promise It was broadcast on September 29, 2023in 4.40 pm on Channel 5, Don Alonso You will try Understand more about inheritance Subordinate baron. the Previews SubordinateSoap ring They reveal to us that the Marquis He will refuse to meet the Duke de los InfantesVisit the estate and this It will incur the ire of Jimena’s fatherwhich He will communicate with his daughter to Wanting to prevent her from marrying Manuel. But the girl will have other ideas on her mind.

The Promise Preview: Don Alonso and Cruz have an angry argument

Don Alonso and Cruz will continue to bicker Because of the pin and they will accuse each other. The Marquise will tell her husband that he has always loved her less than his first wife and that she treats her father like an annoying guest. The woman will say that she is sure that her father left suddenly, precisely because of the terrible relationship with her brother-in-law. Cruz will finish Even for Blame the husband from His father’s death.

A Peek at the Promise: Don Alonso investigates the Baron’s legacy

Don Alonso will escape Cruz’s accusations It will deal with much more important issues, namelyBaron’s legacy. The Marquis will try to understand to whom the nobleman’s money will go and will contact the lawyer by phone. His call will be very intense, from Avoid meeting with Duke De Los Infanteswho arrived at the estate after ascertaining that the Marquises organized the marriage of Manuel and Jimena solely for economic reasons.

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Plots and Previews The Promise: The Duke de los Infantes wants to cancel the wedding but Jimena

the Duke de los Infantes he had Certainty that without Alonso and Cruz they have She organized the wedding of Manuel and JimenaSingle To get the girl’s dowry. The bankruptcy of his in-laws is something the Duke will not be able to allow to happen, and after discovering that the Marquis has no intention of receiving him anytime soon, It will go straight to his daughterTo tell her that he intends to break off the engagement. The girl will freeze him I will tell him clearly They have no intention of breaking up with Logan. Ximena betrays Manuel And Now that he got it Which The young man loves her, The wedding will take place No one will prevent her from becoming his wife.

The Promise He goes Broadcast from Monday to Friday in 4.40 pm on Channel 5.

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