City of Pianella Prize for Literature, Arts and Sciences: Here are the gold and silver roses

City of Pianella Prize for Literature, Arts and Sciences: Here are the gold and silver roses

Pianella: National Prize for Literature – Art – Science and the 24th edition of the poetry anthology “Giuseppe Porto”

counting, Thanks to the financial support of Pro Loco, the contribution of the Municipality of Pianella, and the sponsorship of the Abruzzo Region and the Province of Pescara, the traditional cultural event National Prize for Literature – Art – Science – City of Pianellawith the delivery of valuable items rose gold and silver, Dedicated to figures from the national cultural scene and Abruzzo.

This event will happen Saturday, December 16, 20235 p.m. in the ancient church of S. M. Maggiore, In addition to the Giuseppe Porto Prize for Poetry, I have now reached him Twenty-fourth edition.

a “Special Jury Prize“It was dedicated to poetry in Italian in honor of the poet from Pianella Benito SablonHe died recently.

This award is given to a poem that, although not a winner of selection, stood out and was particularly appreciated by the jury members, taking into account some aspect of the work. The jury will take into account, in particular: the ability to compose, the originality of the content of the anthology, the interpretive form, and the emotions evoked. The award was specially presented to remember a great poet, such as the late Pianelli Benito Sablon.

Registration for the poetry competition is completely free and open to both Italian and foreign poets. To participate, simply submit via November 15, 2023 Poem with free theme. The work can be sent electronically or in paper, in Italian or in the dialect of any region, with a note indicating the personal details: address, telephone number and declaration of the authenticity of the work to the following address: Secretariat of the “Porto Prize” in Remo di Leonardo, Via Fornace, n.6 – 65019 Pianella (PE) or via email to: [email protected].

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Scripts that have already been awarded in other competitions are not accepted. The Poetry Prize Notice can be downloaded online at the following addresses:

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