The company continues to close at Crevalcore. The labor garrison in the region

The company continues to close at Crevalcore.  The labor garrison in the region

Bologna, September 28, 2023 – “Marelli has decided so Do not withdraw the procedure And based on Proceed with closing The leaders of Marelli, who left the headquarters of the region, did not make any comments, the unions said at the end of the meeting in the Emilia-Romagna region with the top management of the company and institutions.

the first round to Save Marylee has arrived area but the ship sank. While waiting for the meeting at the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy in Rome October 3This morning, I… employees From Crevalcore they were Gathered in garrison Under the direction of the work in Viale Aldo Moro among the flags and banners.

After the company decided to continue closing, union representatives and workers They will go to Crevalcore A meeting will be held with all the remaining workers in the garrison.

“The company – explained Samuel Lodi, from the National Secretariat of Fiume, at the end of the meeting – has Repeat the same story Which he presented last week at the Confindustria in Rome, and gave very weak reasons, even for the Emilia-Romagna region, regarding the decision taken to start the process of closing the Crevalcore plant.”

Marelli starts off on the wrong foot: It is unacceptable The company refuses to cancel the cessation of activity, according to what Bologna Mayor Matteo Libor stated. This does not help build an organized discussion about the re-industrialization of the site and the future of workers. I make the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City available for the mobilization that the workers and the Crevalcourt community wish to undertake. Bologna will always defend work, so let’s take action.”

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Among the reasons pointed out are: The internal combustion engine crisisthe end By Stellantis Production of GSE enginesAnd general levels of investment in the sector. For Samuel Lodi, closing the Marelli factory could not have been decided in such a completely shameful way.

To combat this situation, the unions propose “to expand the mobilization, because – Lodi concluded – it is clear that the issue of the Marelli workers in Crevalcour concerns all the workers of Italy.”

The garrison before the area

About 300-400 peopleAnd all with one goal: Avoid the risk of separation Of all 230 employees, after ownership, the US fund KKR announced the Factory closure in the province of Bologna. Before the discussion between the two parties, and in the presence of local institutions, the company and representatives of the unions Fium, Fem and Wilm, the President of the Region, Stefano Bonacini, paid a short visit to the garrison together with the Regional Counselor for Labor and Economic Development Vincenzo Cola, and the Prime Minister responsible for the Labor Party, Sergio Lo Giudice.

Table in the area for Magneti Marelli

Bonacini requests

Who is he speaking? the ruler Emilia-Romagna: “We ask four things. The first is to end the cessation of activities from the field, the second is for the company to submit a re-industrialization plan for the production site to the government, and the third is to protect male and female workers. “Finally, we ask for certainty about the Bologna plant.” Bonacini then bites back some clear words for politicians: “I’m not interested in fashion shows or slogans without getting results.” “This is the Emilia-Romagna Labor and Climate Agreement No one should make money whipping hundreds of workers“.

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