600,000 without electricity and 235,000 without gas – Corriere.it

600,000 without electricity and 235,000 without gas – Corriere.it
From Lorenzo Cremonese and the foreign editors

Bulletin on Monday 5 September live. Putin’s spokesman: We saw the announcement, which was not achieved in any way

• The war came in Ukraine day 194.
• Kremlin spokesman Peskov: reform Nord Stream It is up to the European Union. Gazprom’s trusted partner.
• Kyiv: Peace negotiations only on our terms.
The Moscow threat: a great global storm is about to begin
•The Chechen President Kadyrov

: ready to retire.
• Zelensky-von der Leyen phone call. Ukrainian President: New sanctions are on the way for Moscow, including visa bans for Russians.
• Director of Aiea Grossi afterwards Inspection of the Zaporizhzhia power plant: The station is disconnected from the Ukrainian grid, but the electricity is guaranteed.

10:17 – Borrell: The impact of EU sanctions on Moscow is increasing more and more

We have studied the impact on the Russian economy, which is certainly increasing, especially in the technological sector such as aviation, said the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell. Some people say that Russia still enjoys a large influx of money through the sale of gas and oil. Speaking via video link at the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the Common Foreign and Security Policy in Prague, Borrell recalls that sanctions cannot prevent this from happening, and prices continue to rise. However, from the point of view of technological inputs to the industry, the impact is very large and will be even greater. He stressed that we must continue to be strategically patient, realize that it will take some time and continue to use sanctions in a coordinated manner.

09:31 – Inside the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant: we work with Russian guns aimed at us

For months, a technician inside the factory agreed to speak to Courier via WhatsApp. On the nuclear danger of a power plant in the middle of the fighting: It’s hard to stay calm. The reactors are safe now, but the risks here are many. Responsibility for the attacks: Before the bombing the Russian army disappeared: they were warned. In a climate of intimidation and violence: many colleagues were beaten and tortured with electric shocks. We haven’t seen a man in our unit for over two months: He’s still alive? Here is the full article by Greta Privitera

09:27 – Do sanctions work? Snake strategy can slowly crush Moscow

Moscow’s economy is shrinking and citizens are getting poorer. But gas and oil keep the system running. With the export of indispensable resources, Putin earns more than before and can continue his war for another year, as Marco Amarisio wrote in his view today on the effectiveness of the measures taken by the West against Moscow (Here is the full article). It concludes that the penalties that do not work are those that do not yet exist.

09:20 – British 007: the Russians advance one kilometer a week in the Donbass

In the Donbass, Russian troops advance only a kilometer a week towards the Bakhmut locality, British intelligence wrote in its update of the war in Ukraine. According to His Majesty 007, it is likely that the Russian forces failed to meet the deadlines set for declaring the liberation of Donbass on several occasions. Ukrainian authorities believe that Russian forces have now received orders to complete this task by September 15, British intelligence concluded, noting that Moscow’s forces are unlikely to succeed, and this will further complicate Russia’s plans to organize a referendum on joining its territory in the occupied territories. .

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4:47 am – Ukraine: 600,000 without electricity, 235 thousand without gas

Because of the war, more than 600,000 Ukrainians are without electricity, while there is no gas in their homes 235,700: This is the latest budget issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, citing Kyiv Independent.

02:18 – The Kremlin denies the resignation of Chechen leader Kadyrov

The Kremlin denied a step back by Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, who announced in a video clip on Telegram that he wanted to take a long and indefinite break from his post. A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Kadyrov continues to lead the Chechen Republic. Peskov emphasized that we saw the declaration on this matter, but so far these statements have not been fulfilled in any way, and therefore Kadyrov continues to lead the Chechen Republic. Kadyrov has ruled the Russian republic of Chechnya since 2007 with an iron fist and is one of the longest-lived leaders of the federal republics.

11:32 pm – Zelensky announces: liberation of three settlements in the Donetsk region

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the liberation of three settlements in the Donetsk region and in the south. Speaking in the usual evening video, the Ukrainian leader did not specify which centers they were in. There was good news – he said – and today I want to thank the soldiers of the 63rd battalion of the 103rd Ground Defense Brigade, which ensured the result in the Donetsk region, the settlement was liberated. As for Zelensky, the 54th brigade in the Lysychansk-Siversk direction also made progress. I would also like to mention the 42nd mechanized infantry battalion: He added that thanks to her heroic actions, two settlements were liberated in the south of our country. According to UNIAN, referring to the information collected on the Internet, one of the centers that the Ukrainians have restored is the village of Visokopillya, in the Kherson region. Another liberated village will be Ozern, on the banks of the Siverskyi Donets, 32 kilometers east of Sloviansk.

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20:26 – Military point: Kyiv counterattack in Kherson, uncertainty reigns: are the Ukrainians advancing or are they having difficulty?

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) Experts are divided over how the war on the southern front will proceed. The Russians use Western ingredients despite the sanctions but a Dnipro They will struggle.

The battle on the front KhersonCopy conflict between competitors. Kyiv maintains the initiative and hits the rear, He flies It states that the special operation is going according to plan. So much uncertainty about the real situation, that even Western experts quarrel among themselves between those who are pessimistic (or wary) about the Ukrainian attack and those who think otherwise. Those who share the second opinion believe that the invaders of the Dnipro sector are in trouble, mention destroyed tanks and armored vehicles, and refer to the alleged raids with Turkish-made drones. TB2 Documented by video, a signal – they say – that the aviation was free to act because the anti-radar missiles would have weakened the armor.

Constant references to the damage done to bridges and indispensable ferries to the Russians in Crimea, suppose backtracking in the second line. We are in a war of attrition (and propaganda) as Ukraine tries to consume Putin’s lineup by making supplies unsustainable. Thus, we look at what is happening further away, in the countermoves, in the preparations, but we also think about the real goals and resources of the two General Staff.

Read the full article here On the counterattack KhersonOn the southern front,.

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