Jessica Selassie: Parents, Origins, Age, Boyfriend, Graduation

Jessica Selassie: Parents, Origins, Age, Boyfriend, Graduation
Jessica Selassie was born in Rome and is a fashion blogger and granddaughter of the Emperor of Ethiopia.

Jessica Selassie is a TV personality and fashion blogger but she is also one of the three Princesses of Ethiopia. These are the three descendants of the homologous lineage that have been removed from power since 1974.

The beautiful Jessica in Italy gained fame after participating in the second edition of the format “Recanza”. He also won a Brother Vip 6 award with his two sisters, Lulu and Clarissa.

Jessica Haile Selassie’s parents

Jessica has two sisters and a brother. She is the granddaughter of the latter Emperor of Ethiopia blue rectangle. He lives in Rome in the very central Piazza di Spagna with his family and can also count on his personal butler and staff who take care of his appearance every day. Jessica’s father, Giulio Beseri, is currently imprisoned in Switzerland where he will spend a few months in prison for fraud.

Jessica Selassie Parents, Origins, Age, Boyfriend & Graduation
Jessica Selassie is one of the three princesses and heirs of the Emperor of Ethiopia and lives in Rome.

Jessica Haile Selassie’s legacy

The Princess of Ethiopia inherited the noble title from her ancestors but her royal heritage is unknown. However, he lives in Rome, in the Parioli district, in a villa overlooking the central district Piazza di Spagna. According to some rumors, Jessica can count on a very respectable heritage as well as she loves to travel and participate in exclusive parties.

Jessica Selassie’s life

Jessica was born on December 27, 1994 in Rome and has lived in both Italy and London.

Graduation Jessica Selassie

The noble fashion blogger holds two degrees from John Cabot University in Rome. In this regard, there were also some controversies on the sidelines of his participation in big brother vip. In fact, some websites have accused the Selassie sisters of lying about their degree and the university itself has denied it.

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Jessica Selassie is engaged

Jessica prior to her participation in Big Brother Vip always kept her private life in the strictest of secrecy. during reality However, she revealed that she was engaged to a very famous man today who has not been named and that their relationship was going to end due to the pandemic.

Jessica Selassie: Social Connections

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Jessica does not currently have an official Facebook page.

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