“Season Two Canceled,” What Happened?

“Season Two Canceled,” What Happened?

Sexy in Cibali, it was once said. This time it’s exciting at Mediaset. The second season of The Patriarch has been cancelled. Confirmation of farewell to the second part of the novel Canal Cinque with Claudius Amendola It will come directly from a representative, Ranieri Monaco Delapio Who in the novel plays Mario Rizzi: “Season two has been cancelled,” he wrote on social media. “My sincere thanks go out to everyone who has followed us with passion and thank you for all the kind words spent on my work… It has been so tiring and satisfying to work with an exceptional team that I have been able to steal and improve! Claudio Amendola of trust, I carry you in my heart,” added the actor.

And he answered the fans who asked why the second season was canceled by saying: “Unfortunately, I have no explanation for this decision,” and a real revolution erupted for fans of the series on social media. According to some rumors reported by Gossip and TV, the reason for the cancellation may be stake-related. Audience data will obviously be well enough for Canale Cinque prime time. Hence the decision not to air the second season.

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