Jesolo knows, and now I aim for the future. Between the Europeans, the World Cup and the mystery of Russia – OA Sport

Jesolo knows, and now I aim for the future.  Between the Europeans, the World Cup and the mystery of Russia – OA Sport

Historic bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships. Fourth place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a handful of tenths of a podium that would have been legendary. Italy women’s artistic gymnastics has now entered a new dimension For some seasons it took more and more confidence to find The right place for international summits of discipline. The three-year period leading up to Paris Games 2024 He’s just getting started, but DT Enrico Casella has already put the next five-circle review in his sights and his magnesium powder jigsaw decidedly shimmering.

Russia is currently banned from competitions Because of the conflict of the war (we don’t know when he will be able to return to compete in sports, the speech is not only about artistic gymnastics), China often up and down And he was making mistakes (down the podium in the last two major competitions), The United States in the substitution phase and in the Jesolo Cup did not look anything but unbeatable. Italy succumbed to 1.8 points in the presence of stars and line formations, but for some errors of blue more than the great merits of the hexagon led by Valerie Liukin.

Our national team has been able to keep pace with the team that represented the pinnacle of this discipline in the past decade, even Tokyo, where the critical issues of Simone Biles and various other problems gave the green light to Russia’s victory. Georgia Villa, Asia D’Amato, Martina Maggio, Angela Andreoli, Alice D’Amato, Veronica Mandriotta have nothing to envy for their competitors either because it must be remembered that Alice is recovering from injury, and Angela had a quiet day (but still a potential champion), Georgia had two falls on the beam after an excellent test in the parallels. Not forgetting that Elisa Yorio was absent, for which she would have to have an operation on her shoulder. Among other things, they like the steps forward revealed between the beam and the free body, the emphasis of parallels, and the careful work on the exercises that follow the new law of points.

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Gymnastics, Italy of Heart and Determination at the Jesolo Cup: Blue on US pace, D’Amato and Maggio Steel, Mandriotta in the spotlight

at this point We must look to the future. The European Championship will be held in Monaco in August. The Fairies will have the opportunity to compete in the team competition in a continental context for the first time in their career: in 2020, Italy did not appear in the masquerade version of Mersin, and in 2018 the 2003 class was still juniors (Giorgia Villa and her companions were dominated by people who under the age of 16 in Glasgow). In this context, blue will certainly have to contend with Great Britain (which mocked us in sprinting at the Olympics) and with France, which can grow. Still the mystery of Russia, is currently excluded from competitions. It seems legitimate to dream big.

However, the World Championships will be held in the fall in LiverpoolAmong other things, the teams that will climb to the podium will separate the ticket for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Italy will not hold back: if the United States were seen in Jesolo, they would be able to openly confront each other (Casella joked: “When will we find the Americans next? In World Cup, good …”), it will remain to understand Russia, then there will be China, Great Britain, Japan, Canada. Surely we are going through the most interesting moments of the pink movement in our latitudes, we must not stop. We also await the return of Vanessa Ferrari, who will certainly not back down in the face of new challenges.

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Photo: Federica Salvatelli

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