Russo-Ukrainian War, Poland flies its planes to the American base in Germany: “Destined for Kyiv”. But the United States: “surprised”

Russo-Ukrainian War, Poland flies its planes to the American base in Germany: “Destined for Kyiv”.  But the United States: “surprised”

Looks like a US move to bolster air defense Ukraine. In fact, however, the decision of Poland, which announced that it wants to transfer ownership Old MiG-29s At the US base Ramstein in Germany, the US says it knows nothing. even a Washington They say they are “surprised”. “As far as I know, they have never consulted with us,” said the US Under Secretary of State. Victoria Noland, at a Senate hearing. “I think it was a surprising announcement by the Poles,” he added. The newspaper published the news of the aircraft transfer PoliticianQuoted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Warsaw.

In exchange for the MiG, Poland asks the United States to supply it used aircraft With corresponding operational capabilities. And Poland is ready to immediately put the conditions for the purchase of aircraft.” The Polish government urged “other NATO allies – owners of MIG-29 aircraft – to act in the same way.” Therefore, the aircraft will be replaced by American aircraft and can be “flipped.” to Ukraine which can thus strengthen its air defense. In fact, Ukrainian Air Force pilots are trained to fly this particular type of aircraft. Russian-made aircraft transportImmediately and at no costIt seems that the tour plane wants to disguise Air support in Kyiv, in an attempt to put the Poles less at risk of finding themselves the target of some close revenge against Russia. Step to view Warsaw screen American superpower. In fact, the United States said it was “surprised” by the Polish decision.

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It appears that the British Prime Minister mediated this solution Boris Johnson. The protagonist of an afternoon summit with the leaders of the Eastern European countries of the Visegrad group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and especially Poland) at the forefront of the eastern border trench NATO with Moscow. The leaders hastily summoned to Lancaster House London, in search of a box with the strategy of increasing “defensive” support for Ukraine, which has been stirred up in recent days by the Democratic administration of Joe Biden and the Johnson government. Summit outcome – ironically entrusted to the Brexit man, in the name of the newly discovered special relationship between Washington And the LondonWhile four countries participate in the European Union – he did not limit himself to the official statements by which the four guests (Polish Matthews MoravekiHungarian Viktor Orban Peter VialaSlovakian Edward Heeger) on the need to further intensify Sanctions pressure on Russia In response to the “barbaric actions” attributed to the Kremlin tsar. Shortly after the announcement of the green light for Warsaw to me Transfer “immediately and at no cost” From MiG-29s to a US base in Germany, the Polish Foreign Ministry announced: in a move that seems to herald the subsequent delivery of (not entirely new) aircraft to Kyiv.

Russia has so far failed to control Ukrainian airspace, but the Kremlin has an overwhelming air force that, if fully mobilized, could eliminate Ukrainian aviation. The Russian Ministry of Defense, which claims to have destroyed “virtually all the air forces” in Kyiv, has already warned that any country hosting Ukrainian military aircraft will take part in the conflict: “We know that there are some combat aircraft in Romania and other neighboring countries. And we want to emphasize that The future of the use of these aircraft against the Russian armed forces It can be considered the involvement of these countries in the armed conflict“.

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