Jeremias Rodriguez appeals to production and revenge on…

Jeremias Rodriguez appeals to production and revenge on…

In the popular Island 2022 episode, which aired on Thursday, April 7, extensive space is devoted to the brawl between Jeremias, Gustavo Rodriguez and Ilona Staller. But what are the reasons that led to the fierce fighting?

Gustavo and Jeremias Rodriguez accused Ilona Staller To be an evasive attempt, she broke down in tears:

This is pure ugliness. I don’t like what they say. What should I do? clear this place? (Gustavo, Ed) also told me that if he cooked, he wouldn’t give me food. Realize how we are on this island.

Gustavo Rodriguez Use harsh tones:

Shut your mouth, do nothing! Talk better about your child.

And Ilona Staller angry replied:

Don’t let me talk about my son because I might get angry too. But how dare you?

to Elari Blasey Ilona explained:

I was upset, we went fishing with Roger and we also caught five types of cacti in addition to the fish. I don’t always throw myself in front of the cameras to show. There was anger. Each of us does something. We all work hard.

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Famous island: Luxuria scolds Jeremias for …

Cicciolina Ibn -2-2Vladimir Luxury He found Rodriguez’s attitude toward Ilona Staller in bad taste:

Gustavo If you thought that only people who do something or fish can eat, you have understood nothing of the spirit of the island. You understand nothing of the ethos of the community. Jeremias I have a doubt. Aren’t you angry with her, as you did with Carmen Di Pietro, when one is nominated, do you surround yourself with taking it out? This is not cool. Instead, I loved the solidarity between Laurie and Ilona.

Jeremias Rodriguez But he didn’t take it well at all:

Ilona insulted me and you didn’t put that part. They insulted me and did not wear it, this does not suit me.

Fierce fighting continues with Luxuria’s response:

Jeremias spoke of Ilona’s son, do you realize what you went on to say to Ilona? Apologize instead of justifying yourself. It is something that cannot be heard.

Gustavo intervened with a clarification, and then the discussion subsided, leaving the tired outcasts in peace:

It’s not true that I told her I wouldn’t feed her. I said that if the blind man respected her, as you say, he would not feed her.

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