Jenin tsunami, according to the Civil Guard

Jenin tsunami, according to the Civil Guard

Civil Guard analysts reconstructed the details, with names, titles and photos, of what they considered an “embryonic structure” linking the Democratic Tsunami to the Council of the Republic. This was indicated by Office No. 3078 of March 12, 2020, which El Mon had access to. A certificate from the Central Special Unit 3 of the Civil Guard Information Service, delivered to the President of the Central Investigation Court No. 6 of the National Court, Manuel Garcia Castellonunder Procedure 85/19 Democratic Tsunami Case.

To chart this alleged structure, dozens of phone calls and intrusions were made using a remote program called a Trojan that can steal information from mobile terminals. There were also physical traces, network traces, and requests for information from airlines and others “Executive actions”. Civil Guard analysts have created what they call “link chart” Among those investigated they concluded that they had discovered “a structure made up of a group of people from different professional fields.” Everyone, always according to the Guardia Civil, would have done so “Specific tasks that would demonstrate the distribution of functions coordinated by a higher body”. The supreme body would be the Council of the Republic and the project was to create a “Catalan Republic”.

This structure, “embryonic” at the time, would be formed by former deputies of the CUP and Podemos –Kim Arovat, David Fernandez, and Albano Dante Fashion-, Elias Campoone of the members of the research team that discovered Catalangit, the then councillor Jordi BuineroEmployer Joan Aros and Pau Eskirichartistic businessman Jordi Bellina, President of the Les Voltes Foundationjordi matamala, Activist and promoter of En Peu de Pau, marty Olivella, Journalist luna balthasar, computer world David Franke, Activist Jaume Cabani, the teacher Comin Betona -Sister of exiled Chancellor Tony Comyn- and activist Jordi Milla, That the Civil Guard is messing with the Second Wave group. Researchers have also linked companies to entities such as Project Vocdoni or Catglobal.

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Civil Guard plan around the Democratic Tsunami Embryo wrapped in the Assembly of the Republic/Kiko Salis

Suspects of “committing serious crimes with sophisticated tools”

The investigators’ testimony was supported by the judge to continue expanding the scope of the inspection of the Information Service at the Armed Institute. He confirmed that all those who were part of the scheme were suspected of “committing serious criminal behaviour.”Whether terrorism or sedition. However, these crimes were committed “using complex tools of a high technical level.” In addition, they benefited from the requirement of being or having a direct connection to public officials, which facilitated the “publicity” of their projects. The Civil Guard also confirms that there were contacts with social movements and with the Belgian or Perpignan authorities – without specifying which – to achieve the independence of Catalonia, “the main desired goal.”

The document includes personal files for everyone who was investigated, along with a selection of telephone conversations that took place, which serve to build the accusatory story. In addition, it includes follow-up photos and collections of the activities of the people investigated, both on networks and in the media, as well as their political activity. The thesis that the Civil Guard is trying to weave is the relationship of the democratic tsunami with the Council of the Republic, as well as with the companies that will study the computer systems to facilitate the matter. “Secession from Spain” And the establishment of the Catalan Republic. In fact, in this statement They understood that the Council of the Republic, which they attributed entirely to Carles Puigdemont, was the “supreme body” that directed the tsunami of democracy.

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As evidence, the agents cite how it is “The return of the democratic tsunami after a month of media silence is significantThe announcement was made just one day after President Carles Puigdemont and former Chancellor Toni Comin, both fugitives from Spanish justice proceedings and currently residing in Belgium, seized their seats in the European Parliament. In this part of the report, analysts point to a statement from the Democratic Tsunami Organization that celebrated their progress Minutes of MEPs in Puigdemont and Comin in December 2019, a fact that the Civil Guard considered “a kind of victory on the part of the Catalan independence spectrum.”.

The testimony also includes an extensive photographic report and a set of statements at the mass event of the Council of the Republic in Perpignan on 29 February 2020. Thus, the “publicly expressed thanks for the tsunami” from the tribune highlight speakers who consider that it “could clearly be interpreted as a speech in praise of the tsunami “Democrat.”

One of the photos from the Civil Guard's surveillance of investigators and those involved in the scheme/Quico Sallés
One of the photos from the Civil Guard's surveillance of investigators and those involved in the scheme/Quico Sallés

“Growing up”, towards independence

In this context, Civil Guard analysts believe that this structure will serve as a conduit for the project’s “emergence” to embody the pro-independence intentions advocated by the Council of the Republic and Tsunami. They then describe it as an “embryonic structure or organisation” which by then, March 2020, will have “rooted in the Council of the Republic”. According to the researchers, this network “used” other entities, institutions and companies, which were looking for the technological way “to develop the tools necessary to implement a second referendum on self-determination and digital disconnection.”

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In any case, the Civil Guard tried to convince the judge that the Council of the Republic and the Democratic Tsunami, through the people who formed this scheme, were working together to “impose their own political framework and agenda” in order to achieve “the independence of Catalonia.” In addition, they added other components, such as companies based outside of Spain. In order to try to obtain some information, requests were made for international police and judicial assistance, but no response was received, or in any case, the response was not expected by the Spanish judicial authorities. The testimony, which exceeds two hundred pages, also analyzes the companies that were supposed to finance the project or implement the mandate of the Council of the Republic with the help of Democratic Tsunami.

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