American influencer pays $25,000 to clone her dead cat: an ‘act of love’

American influencer pays $25,000 to clone her dead cat: an ‘act of love’

He loved his cat so much that when he died Choose cloneTransformation into a specialized company with a good salary 25 thousand dollars to continue approximating it. not discussed in United State date ofinfluential Kelly Anderson talks about her cat cloning chai On social media, it has attracted dozens of comments and even fierce criticism on the Internet from animal rights activists.

$25,000 to clone a cat: This is how Bill was born

chai she was cat White and died on March 16, 2017, at the age of 5 years. A loss that angers its owner:Shay’s death was horrible. He had something special even if I don’t know how to describe it, he was the perfect animal for me and I still wanted him to be by my side.” The idea of ​​switching to cloning was suggested by her roommate, a veterinary technician. So Anderson made various searches and found it visionAnd Animal cloning company She called them, “I was told I needed to take a skin sample from Chai.”

From the cloning, which cost 25 thousand dollars, was born 4 years later Belle, a white cat aesthetically identical to Chai but different in character. While Chai is very calm, Belle often gets into a “trouble”, she is more curious, she likes to explode around her. Kelly opened too A site dedicated to his “cloned” cat as well as channel tik tok.

Pet cloning, how does it work

to Twenty years after cloning of sheep Dolly (Occurred in 2005) Today there are companies that deal with these operations for pets and ViaGen is the main activity in the United States. Cloning a dog costs around $50,000, while a cat costs $25,000. The cloning process is very complex and basically consists of inserting a cell from the animal to be cloned (taken within 4 days of death) into the egg of a ‘donor’ animal. After this ‘artificial insemination’ the modified embryos are implanted into a ‘donor parent’. We hope that after 6 months a new animal will be born genetically identical to the transplanted animal. The company warns that clones It is identical to the originalbut each of them will have one different character Due to external factors, such as the number of animals in the house or the type of food being served.

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Animal rights activists attack: ‘Better adoption, immoral choice’

When Anderson shared his story on Tik Tok and Instagram, he received a lot of criticism. Several animal rights activists have accused her of making an immoral and “crazy” gesture, saying that it would have been better to adopt an animal and stress the suffering that cloning inflicts on animals (eg on the mother animal, or on procedures to obtain eggs). Kelly said that despite the criticism, she did not regret his gesture, which she considers an act of “pure love” for her missing friend.

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