Who is General Halevy, the man leading Israel into war? The first phone call with the US Chief of Staff

Who is General Halevy, the man leading Israel into war?  The first phone call with the US Chief of Staff

Rome, October 10, 2023 – It’s called Herzl “Herzi” HalevyHe is 56 years old The general who leads Israel into war. He bears the name of his uncle who was martyred in the Six-Day War: he was not born yet. The first chief of staff – who was sworn in in January – was born after that historic date.

One of the best experts in Gaza. However, on Saturday, the border with the Strip was undefended, and Israel suffered its most serious military defeat in the past 50 years. The name will be General Halevy Nailed forever to Israel This painful event led to the death of more than a thousand soldiers and civilians.

I am more dangerous Bibi Netanyahu talks about the army crisis With the escalation of protests against government pressure on the judiciary, and Air Force reservists threatening not to attend again.

Gaza Strip: map

From a conservative and religious familyHe graduated in philosophy and business administration in Jerusalem. Then he obtained a master’s degree in America Washington, in International Resource Management.

Herzi Halevy, the general who leads Israel into war

Herzi Halevy, the general who leads Israel into war

​​In the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) since 1985 – He introduced himself as a volunteer paratrooper – and participated in Conflict in Lebanon In 2014, he became head of the Intelligence Directorate. Defense Minister Gantz said he chose him “for his calm leadership and broad understanding of strategy, coupled with his diverse military experience and ability to make real change.”

After assuming command of military intelligence, he took office in 2018 Southern Military Region Command. Therefore, he is one of the best experts in Gaza.

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The Pentagon announced that General Halevy spoke yesterday evening for the first time with the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. the Gen. Charles Q. Brown He expressed his condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas in the Jewish state and discussed it The situation on the field with Halevy.

Also, the two military commandersDiscuss the security situation on the ground As well as measures to strengthen the US military position in the region and implement regional deterrence efforts.

Among the hottest files in recent months there is certainly the Iranian file. In the biography of General Halevy there is also the famous operation with the Mossad, when Israel Brought home Tehran’s nuclear archive. In May, the general expressed concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, warning: “There are negative developments that could lead to action” by Israel.. We have the ability to strike Iran “And others also have abilities,” were his words. Iran has achieved unprecedented progress Concerning uranium enrichment. “We are looking into the matter and I say that there are negative developments on the horizon that may push us to take action.” He concluded: “We are not indifferent to what Iran is trying to build around us, and it is difficult for Iran to be indifferent to the line we take.”

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