The Sagrad Cor del Fort Pienc school will finally close next academic year

The Sagrad Cor del Fort Pienc school will finally close next academic year

The Barcelona Educational Union announced yesterday that the Sagrat Cor School located in Carrer de Ribes, in the Fort Pinc neighbourhood, a school that currently has 258 students, will close as of the 2024-2025 academic year. He points out, “Although the center's ownership initially announced the cessation of activity only in the infant and primary stages, it has now reconsidered its decision and chosen to close completely.”

Sources at the school confirmed that they worked to reverse the situation and make their project viable, but “several reasons prompted its administrators to choose to close.” They point out that the main reason that led to this decision was the loss of students in the early years, as a result of the demographic decline and the growth in the commitment of Barcelona families to public schools (enrollment in public centers in the Eixample has increased). by 17% over the past eight years).

The consortium confirms that it “will accompany the center in this process and will ensure the education of its students through an exceptional pre-registration process that will be implemented before the regular process takes place.” “In this extraordinary process, students currently studying in Year 6 who are applying for a place in Year 1 of ESO will not be able to participate and will have to go through the normal pre-registration process.”

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