Jaime del Burgo has clinical recordings that Letizia approved, and videos of her going out undercover

Jaime del Burgo has clinical recordings that Letizia approved, and videos of her going out undercover

Jaime del Burgo He was the main focus of attention in the last weeks of Letizia's life. This lawyer testified to Jaime Peñafiel For a new book about the queen, whom he considers his greatest enemy. However, he seems to have left out some details, as on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter, he did not hesitate to attack the wife of Philip VI. According to his account, Leonor and Sofía's mother were unfaithful to her husband. These statements left everyone confused, although at the moment they are just rumors that the Royal House is trying to deal with. However, they did not issue any comment on this and chose silence as is their custom.

The former Thelma Ortiz has become one of the main problems facing the Royal House. According to his claims, he was the catalyst for Marriage breakdown Felipe and Letizia in 2013, not the actions of Juan Carlos or the Nos case, as they tried to hide. This was exactly the year they were discovered. Jaime del Burgo reveals that they met secretly in an apartment in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​or took advantage of international travel. They even planned to move to a far away place because the queen was tired of the crown and felt that she did not belong in this world. Regardless of the veracity of these allegations, they harmed the image of the two kings, both Letizia and Felipe, who were mocked and insulted.

Letizia Ortiz and Jaime del Burgo, Lovers in New York City, 2011, TV3

The lawyer limited himself to attacking the kings with his words on social media, which are messages that are not supported by concrete evidence. However, Jaime has I tried to intimidate Letizia The crown, along with the evidence, is kept in a safe and can be shown if he wishes, having received tempting offers. He reveals that on one occasion his house was leveled and ransacked in search of this alleged evidence. Jaime del Burgo is believed to have intimate videos of the Queen showing significant complicity and more intimate situations, which he allegedly secretly recorded himself.

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Jaime del Burgo will deliver the final blow to Letizia

Jaime del Burgo is ready to tell the story of his love with Letizia in a book that he will publish himself with his own publisher. He does not want anyone to interfere in this process. He doesn't plan to stop. Blackmail or threats are not acceptable. He also did not accept the millionaire's offers. He met with Jaime Peñafiel several times in the afternoon to prepare the journalist's final book, but in the end the historian only wanted to explain 1% of this information because most of it responds to the Queen's privacy.

The lawyer has evidence to prove every word he says. He keeps pictures of the Queen in bed, in her room, when they have secret intimate encounters. Some are even in sexy costumes, and the lingerie is very hot. It was something that Jaime del Burgo really liked and Letizia granted his wishes.

Jaime del Burgo and Thelma Ortiz

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