Desperate Eva Grimaldi: “You managed to welcome me …”

Desperate Eva Grimaldi: “You managed to welcome me …”
Eva Grimaldi (Image by Mediaset Infinity) –

Heartbreaking for Eva Grimaldi, the news is shocking. The showgirl doesn’t take the hit in the best way: even shocked fans.

known for her public persona, Eva Grimaldi His more intimate side opens up to the spectators, showing all of his grief.

Handling a similar event is not easy for anyone, there is no doubt that Eva seems like a person with a mark emotional.

Eva Grimaldi has remained in the hearts of Italian men and women for her performances in the world of entertainment, her appearances on the small and big screens and also for her noble path. stage.

Her private life has often been talked about and she has been at the center of the country’s media scene, firstly due to her connections to high-profile personalities such as Lilly Mora, Vittorio Sgarbi, Gabriel Garco, Then through its union with emma fight, Celebrate it Monica Serena Always an enthusiastic supporter Civil marriage between people of the same sex.

Another important link for Eva

“today I’m sad”, So begins the caption of Eva Grimaldi’s Instagram post dedicated to the recently deceased person, “Because Part of history disappears“.

He’s talking about leaving Silvio Berlusconi, The Italian politician who died last June 12: because of his disappearance, many have expressed themselves, and among the divorced and the detractors one thing is certain: he has long represented a certain type of Italian citizen and over time has become a fully integrated symbol – and through some even imitation In the social fabric of Bill Pais.

Silvio Berlusconi
Silvio Berlusconi in Eva Grimaldi’s Instagram post (Instagram profile photo) –

Grimaldi condolences

“I will never forget our first meeting,” the actress recalls nostalgically, in an imaginary face-to-face dialogue with Silvio Berlusconi. “I was terrified, but She managed to welcome me with grace and refinement that always distinguishes them! Eva Grimaldi highlights the merits of the former president, emphasizing how his kindness and elegance helped her on the day of the meeting.

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To close the post’s comment, Eva inserted some words of condolence and affection: “Thank you boss, Have a good trip… I hug the family tightly “, and concludes with an emoji representing a heart. Comments on the post are the most diverse: from those who recount Berlusconi’s trials, to those who appreciate him, even a user who remembers the actor’s death. Francesco NotiUnfortunately, he died on the same day as the well-known politician.

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