Don’t miss out on this Hisense smart TV during the Euronics star days: it costs only €179.90

Don’t miss out on this Hisense smart TV during the Euronics star days: it costs only €179.90

Euronics Star Days allows all consumers to benefit from numerous offers. Among these we find a smart TV that cannot be missed.

There are many Italian consumers who like to go to Euronics to buy their technology. In these hours, the chain launched the Star Days initiative, which is able to launch many of the products on offer. Among these devices we also find the Hisense Smart TV at an unbeatable price: all features.

The latest TV you can buy from Euronics – Credits: Instagram –

The popular home appliance chain Euronics is always ready to launch many interesting offers with its Star Days initiative. These days it will be possible to find the best high-tech devices at unbeatable prices Discounts up to 50%. Therefore, there are many users who do not miss the offers these days since savings are also guaranteed on very popular and expensive products.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to have a smart TV in your home. In fact, smart TVs are useful for several reasons. Obviously, the most important one is access to major streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+, which allows you to watch your favorite channels at any time. If you are looking for one you can’t miss it This Hisense smart TV costs only 179.99 eurosLet’s see the features that make it unique.

Euronics, don’t miss this HiSense Smart TV: it’s powerful and available

Previously, we had the opportunity to find out some of the reasons why it is beneficial to have a smart TV at home. In fact, these TVs also allow you to surf the Internet, not only viewing video content but also websites, services, reading emails, and much more. Few people know that for these TVs there are also mini-games that are able to provide moments of entertainment. Now with Euronix Star Days It would be impossible not to buy this HiSense Smart TV.

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Euronix Smart TV
All the details of the latest smart TV you can buy from the series – Credits: –

We are talking about a 32-inch HD 32A49K Ready LED model. The device is black in color and is very stylish to keep at home. The resolution is HD Ready, the only real drawback is that the power class is level F. It will also be possible to connect an Amazon Fire Stick or simply HDMI cables to add other devices to this device. Thanks to high contrast, whites will appear brighter and blacks will appear deeper.

Thanks to this TV, you will be able to discover more details in shades and more vibrant colors. It also has a game mode, which allows you to access More intense gameplay with less command delay. Finally, the TV ensures easy access to over 150 content via over-the-air, cable, satellite, digital TV or streaming. All this for only €179.99 instead of the listed €299.00. For those who want to take advantage of it, all they have to do is go to a physical store or the official Euronics website.

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