The Israeli raid in Syria and Jenin also hit during the night. United States of America: “The escalation will increase.” Live broadcast

The Israeli raid in Syria and Jenin also hit during the night.  United States of America: “The escalation will increase.”  Live broadcast

It occurred on the nineteenth day of war In the Middle East. During the night, the Israeli army bombed the military infrastructure and mortar launchers of the Syrian forces Syria With combat aircraft in response to yesterday’s launches against Israel. The Israeli army, with the assistance of the border police, also conducted what was defined as an anti-terrorism operation in a refugee camp in Wadi Bruqin, near Embryo, in the West Bank. In the raid, which also used drones, six people were killed and 20 wounded. However, the United States is on high alert in the region: the Pentagon has announced at least 13 drone and missile attacks against US military facilities in Iraq. In the last week alone. President Joe Biden did not want to comment on the possibility of an Israeli incursion into Gaza, which could spark a reaction from other countries and Hamas allies. In response to a journalist’s question about whether he had pressured the Tel Aviv government to postpone the attack, Biden said it was up to Israel to make its own decisions. Here is today’s news, Wednesday, October 25.

New missiles and a squadron of F-16 aircraft from the United States in the Middle East

The United States will provide Israel with new Missiles Iron Dome air defense system. He writes it Washington Post Quoting a Pentagon official. Furthermore, a sixth squadron was deployed F16 The Middle East is preparing for increasing regional tensions. “What we are seeing is the potential for greater escalation against US forces and personnel across the region in the very near term, coming from Iranian proxy forces and, ultimately, from Iran.Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said during a press conference.

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Toll of dead and wounded

The balance sheet remains stable Victims Although yesterday was the most intense day of bombing since October 7, as 120 missiles were fired at the city of Tel Aviv alone. Confirmed deaths in Israel more than 1400While he was injured at least 5400. There are also more than 200 people kidnapped and currently held hostage. I am 4,651 Deaths among Palestinians recorded by the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian National Authority.

Conflict at the United Nations, Guterres does not change his mind

The demands of the Palestinian people cannot justify the horrific attacks launched by Hamas. These horrific attacks cannot be justified Collective punishment From the Palestinian people“. Thus the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterreswho has been at the heart of the controversy with Israel since yesterday after announcing that the Hamas attack did not arise out of nowhere, but rather came from “56 years of stifling occupationThe Portuguese diplomat’s words were met with unanimous Israeli political condemnation, as the ambassador to the United Nations and even Yair Lapid, an opponent of Benjamin Netanyahu, strongly criticized the behavior of the UN High Representative, even going so far as to do so. To demand his resignation.

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