Men and women step in today January 19, 2023: Maria De Filipe is furious, check out the episode while broadcasting

Men and women step in today January 19, 2023: Maria De Filipe is furious, check out the episode while broadcasting

Today, Thursday January 19, 2023, the men and women broadcast on Canale 5 with a new episode. The episode will begin focusing on Federico’s throne and on the confrontations between him and his suitors, Alice and Carola. To follow text and video news live from Witty Tv and Mediaset, visit Superguida Tv from 2.45pm. Previews for the January 19, 2023 episode of U&D indicate that Armando Incarnato will be discussed in the studio, as someone new is expected to arrive with the intention of getting to know him.

Armando already knows the woman, as they have already interacted in the past, but decide not to continue the relationship. Armando said that on that occasion he understood that the woman was not interested in him and decided not to continue the relationship.

The woman will try to counter Armando’s statements, claiming that he would have disappeared suddenly without warning and would have behaved badly towards her.
Developments reveal that Maria de Felipe showed her frustration with Armando to both men and women on January 19.

It is clear that the feud between the two will not go unnoticed and the men’s and women’s progress on January 19, 2023 indicates that Maria De Filipe will take the podium. The Canale 5 talk show host will have no mercy towards Armando Incarnato; His response in the studio would be particularly harsh, accusing him of an inflated ego.

De Felipe reports that Armando has a belief that his involvement in Men and Women has led him to become famous on television, after being part of the throne for several years.
Maria gagged Armando in the studio during a preview of “Men and Women” on January 19.

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In this afternoon’s episode, we will witness an intense discussion between Maria De Felipe and Armando, which will culminate in Maria blowing up and gagging Armando in the studio.

This is not the first time that the two have disagreed: in other episodes of Men and Women, the presenter is particularly intense and critical with the Neapolitan knight, leading him to reprimand him. Tina Seppolari will not be present for the current episode of Men and Women to be broadcast on Canale 5, which will end on January 19.

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