“It’s our fault” Stop at the SUV giant’s cars: The reason is worrying

“It’s our fault” Stop at the SUV giant’s cars: The reason is worrying

What happened in the last few hours is frankly unbelievable. Park the real giant cars.

The world of cars is less simple than one might remotely imagine. Being successful in this field is really complicated. In fact, throughout the year, there are very few companies able to achieve significant results in the four-wheel commercial panorama. That’s why it’s easier to be remembered in a positive way.

Park this car (derapate.it – Canva)

The famous and well-known brand knows this well, and admits without mincing words that if things don’t go well, it’s the fault of its choices.

But what really happened? In this article, we will try to understand well and clearly what we are talking about and why the situation is not as rosy as some had hoped or expected.

Car factory in difficulty: what happened

It is not an easy matter for a car manufacturer to shoulder its responsibilities, which is why we can only congratulate the company Rivian. The company in question is already working on finding a solution to your problem. But what is it? Simply put, it looks like the software update went wrong and it did Brand cars banned. This was stated by Waseem Bin Saeed, Vice President of the Software Engineering Department. The statement was posted on Reddit. Last Monday, Rivian released the new version of the R1S and R1T software system.

Rivian, sudden stop: what happened (8derapate.it – Fioravanti Motors)

Auto update failed to install. The screens remain completely dark. But let’s be clear that Rivian cars Can be moved They work perfectly. The infotainment system simply remains off. Bin Saeed explained that the update has been cancelled. He also added that “this is our fault.” Thank you for your support and patience.” The rest of the car is up and running, although infotainment seems smooth.

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Unfortunately, this is what can happen when the connected car finds itself in unmanageable situations. It is very important that Rivian admits the mistake and takes responsibility. However, a solution must now be found that can determine what needs to be done and how to do it in the shortest and shortest time possible. This, as we can understand from the Vice President’s statements, is not as easy as it may seem, even from afar. There was nothing left to do but wait for better news.

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