Barbara D’Urso, This is how you make breakfast: made in Naples. What are you eating ..

Barbara D’Urso, This is how you make breakfast: made in Naples.  What are you eating ..

His day starts with a “Neapolitan” breakfast that he can’t give up. A way to start the day with a sprint and the many obligations he has to face.

Barbara D’Urso is known as a workaholic at work: it is no coincidence that in her “golden period” she hosted three programs a week, Domenica Live, Live – Non è la D’Urso, Five in the afternoon. Not only thanks to her great passion for her work, but also thanks to her balanced diet that allows her to maintain her fitness.

The presenter, although she looks much younger, has already put out 66 candles, and many wonder the secret of the ability to withstand such high beats. Although she remained without plans in recent months, Barbara did not stop for a single moment and devoted herself to other projects.

Barbara D’Urso: Her breakfast is Neapolitan style

However, he never forgot his Neapolitan origins. In fact, as soon as possible, the presenter goes to her hometown. In fact, just a few hours ago, he posted in an IG story a video confirming this once again His crazy love for the capital of Campania. Barbara loves to travel and tour the world. She recently moved from London to Paris but has always had the desire to return to the place where she was born.

Some still hope to be able to see her again at the helm of Pomeregio Cinque, which today passed into the hands of her colleague Myrta Merlin. According to rumors circulating on the Internet, Barbara was going to film in London for a TV series that is scheduled to be released soon on Netflix. But at the moment, there is still no official confirmation to this effect from the presenter.

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Coffee with Cream by Barbara Durso –

The video posted a few hours ago shows one of the most important moments of Carmelita’s morning: the breakfast. For Barbara, the first meal of the day can only be Neapolitan. In fact, she couldn’t help but order a coffee with her friend with the legendary “Cremina”.

This cream is obtained with a base of sugar whipped with drops of coffee. In order for it to become creamy, you must pour the cream into the cup after pouring the amount of coffee you want. For Barbara, this is the only coffee worth enjoying, a Neapolitan coffee in fact. To accompany a Neapolitan drink, Delicious curly puff pastry, typical of Naples. The broadcaster, with her video, delighted the mouths of fans, and also made their hearts yearn to discover all the wonders of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, despite its well-known flaws.

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