If you have bought pasta from the supermarket, check carefully: there is an alarm

If you have bought pasta from the supermarket, check carefully: there is an alarm

A commission of inquiry has been opened to verify the existence of any deflationary practices. Pasta is in danger, but not only.

shrinkage. A name that is almost unpronounceable but conceals within itself a certainly disturbing meaning, as it is associated with widely consumed goods. Actually a scam, or so.

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By this name, in fact, a completely illegal practice is identified which, in some cases, could have been implemented on some products. An action consisting, quite simply, of selling at the same (if not higher) price. Discounted product Compared to a custom package to hold more. This is not a new alert, instead of. Recently, with the economic crisis, it has been repeatedly announced that the difficulty of keeping pace with production can create difficulties in terms of rising prices. However, as it often happens, the search for a balance between needing to sell and not to lose can slip through some aspects.

Deflation deflation has been put in the spotlight by antitrust. At the present time there is talk of suspicions or in any way about surveillance. It was still open Investigation Committee To protect consumers and users, after a complaint dating back to last April 8 in which suspicious practices were reported for this technology. Which, as mentioned, is illegal and punishable. In fact, there is talk of reducing the uniform weight of consumer products by masking the increase in prices, as stated by the president of the National Federation of Consumers, Massimiliano Donna.

Deflation alarm, pasta but not only: what products are at risk

In particular, pasta packages are in the eyes of the antitrust authority. This is one of the most common products that the average consumer buys. In particular, the 500g and 1k formats are not bundled. According to the National Consumer Federation, the formulation of rules in a period of high prices, in general, of large-scale inflation, risks have more devastating effects. Also because other products, besides pasta, will also be at risk: we’re talking about 750g of Easter pigeons, 100g of mozzarella (not 125) but also 225g of coffee instead of 250g.

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still , tea 20 bags Instead of 25. And the list of products continues, touching those products that are most popular with consumers throughout Italy. Moreover, it was understood that it was a difficult period. Even in the face of perfectly legitimate marketing practices, the increase in the price of goods did not escape supermarket customers.

For this reason, facing a potential deflation raises the level of default risk even more. Because it is clear that buying a product that is discounted by weight but at a price equal or higher would force the buyer To refuel in less time. Provoking a dangerous treadmill. So Antitrust decided to shed some light, to check whether these practices were actually implemented and whether consumers were actually exposed to misleading marketing techniques. As Donna mentions, it’s also disingenuous to “hide abnormal weight in the hidden part of the package.” Given the historical moment, deflationary deflation will create the worst conditions for recovery.

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