Petition to NHTSA regarding sudden acceleration of Teslas

Petition to NHTSA regarding sudden acceleration of Teslas

For several years now some Tesla models have been Involved in accidents and accidents Not because of their drivers, but because of sudden system errors that lead to involuntary acceleration, to the point that Owners paid to photograph themselves To prove they weren’t driving.

It also reports Self-developmentAfter collecting numerous reports and information received, the NHTSA of America Received a report Accordingly, sudden acceleration will be real and not due to the driver’s fault, but That Tesla can and should work to solve it.

What is the cause of unintended accidents?

Tesla Model SThere are not a few accidents that Tesla cars could have caused, from Form 3 I hit a wall in Paris, V.I Y model which caused two deaths in Chaozhou, China, despite the driver’s attempt to stop it by depressing the brake pedal, as evidenced by the brake lights.

Although investigations have come to the conclusion that Drivers cause accidentsBut the drivers deplored the sudden acceleration of their cars.

The problem may arise in certain cases

Tesla Model Y

The steering assist system Tesla uses appears to be based on a 12-volt, high-current motor. Due to the large weight of Tesla cars, the steering assist motor requires more 100 amps to spin the wheels When the car is parked. As a result, a 12-volt system experiences a significant voltage drop, to nearly zero volts, for several hundred microseconds.

during this period , If recalibration is initiated, an incorrect calibration voltage may be generated, which is very close to zero volts. According to the results of the report, this state continues until another ADC calibration is performed, which may take a few minutes. Once the calibration is performed with incorrect data, a Peak effort is equivalent to depressing the accelerator to its full stroke.

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This would explain, among other things, why the data collected shows this The metronome is fully compressed Despite the owners’ statements to the contrary.


Tesla Model Y

According to the petition, all Tesla cars will be affected, although the Model S and Model X use a slightly different DSP control chip. The same petition is being submitted to NHTS, the shows Two solutions to the problem. The first is to add a file A second 12-volt power line With its own battery and DC/DC converter used only to power the APP sensors that provide power to the accelerator systems.

The second is Modify the software calibration routineVoltage testing before using it is a solution seen as simpler and cheaper to implement in existing vehicles, as it would only require a software update.

At this moment, we don’t know whether the content of the petition is correct, of course, the material submitted to NHTS is interesting, and we will see whether a timely response to the problem of sudden acceleration is given.

Update at 11pm: This article has been modified since it was first published. thanks for the Paul is very active to report. 🙂


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