Oil rises and Asian stocks fall after the Israeli attack on Iran

Oil rises and Asian stocks fall after the Israeli attack on Iran

the Oil prices rose and Asian stock markets turned red After reports of an Israeli missile attack on the Iranian province of Isfahan.

he Brent crude, the European benchmark, rose 1.9%. At 7:50 a.m. it touched $89 a barrel, although at some points, as the attacks became known, it crossed the $90 level and approached $91.

he West Texas Intermediate (WTI), referring to the United States, rose 2.6% at the time and touched $85 per barrel.although it reached $86 for a few moments.

he The price of gold, a safe haven asset in times of uncertainty, rose 0.3% to $2,386 an ounce.. As happened with crude oil, gold rose after the attacks and exceeded the $2,400 level at times.

he Prices for US government debt, another safe-haven asset, are also risingWhich reduces its profitability (which develops in the opposite direction).

The performance of the US ten-year bonds fall to 4.554%.

In this case to you The development is also affected by doubts about the US Federal Reserve's monetary policy.

for them Asian stock markets are forcing declines at the moment. Tokyo lost 2.5%. Hong Kong 1.3%; and Shanghai 0.4%.

Israel launched it this morning Several missiles against Iran In response to the attack on him last Saturday, a senior US official told ABC.

Israeli missiles hit In Isfahan Province, where Natanz is located, The area where one of the Iranian nuclear facilities is located, although American sources confirmed to CNN that the attack was not directed against it.

Iran denied any missile attack Against the country, despite its admission that air defenses shot down several drones.

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“Until now No impact or explosion was reported “The accident occurred on a large scale due to the absence of an air threat,” the Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency said.

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