March 25, 2023

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Terry Broome’s case in the first episode of “Cronache Criminali”

There are crimes that affect us more than others and deeply disturb us. Why do they happen and remain engraved in memory, even years later? On Rai 1, starting Monday, November 7 at 11.35pm, Giancarlo Di Cataldo will tell about it in “Cronache Criminali”, the new program in-depth into true crime, an original format co-produced with Rai Approfondimento and Verve Media Company. Eleven cases in the news, eleven stories, from the 1960s to today, that made an era, indicating the fate of the victims, as well as our society: from the Dolce Vita years with the murder of Christa Wanninger, through the years of bullets and the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini, from Milan to drink with the murder committed by Terry Broome in the 1990s with the Pietro Masso case, to this day with the Luca Traini case. Symbolic crimes that, as on both sides of the same coin, tell the state the exact moment they occur. They depict social, customs, and political outlines, but they also depict the relational lines in which they have matured. Giancarlo de Cataldo will bring the audience to those stories, at that time, to better understand their features and deepen the dark side of each one of us. The first episode takes us back to the mid-’80s, the hedonistic years of ebb and flow, when a crime reveals the dark side of the fashion, business, and entertainment capital: a drinking Milan, a Milan where anything is possible. Aspiring American model Terry Broome, with a sexy past, arrives in town and plunges into a world of drug overabuse and doom. In the midst of rage, cocaine and alcohol, at dawn on June 26, 1984, she killed a wealthy Romanian descendant Francesco D’Alessio who, according to the model, would have molested her several times. A mysterious story that shows the other side of Milan’s capital. To tell the crime, through the documentary written by Flavia Triggiani and Marina Loi, there are some heroes: journalists, judges, lawyers, experts and models. And Fanzina. It was he who, together with his brother, was able to tell the story of Milan in those times and the world of fashion in a cult film inspired by the crime of Brum: “Nothing under the dress.” Through testimonies, often exclusive to the protagonists, the use of original investigative and investigative materials, cooperation with the police forces that carried out the investigations, and access to private archives and countless materials from Rai Teche and the local media archive, “Cronache Criminali” deals with every case. It investigates its multiple aspects: the deepening of crime and related legal events by defining the context of the historical period, the environmental characteristics in which the facts occurred, and the psychological profiling of the characters involved.

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