Italy with 5 teams – QuiFinanza

Italy with 5 teams – QuiFinanza

The 2023-24 season will be the last in the Champions League as we know it. Starting next year, and therefore from 2024-25 to be exact, European competition It will undergo extensive repair.

The primary goal is to re-awaken the audience’s attention. UEFA realized that the Premier League, which now seems to be a thing of the past, has increased the discontent of some clubs, not just the founders, and part of the fans.

So everyone is ready for the revolution, starting from a One round consists of 36 teams. Four companies have been added to the list, which will also allow Italy to dream of entering one The fifth team in the First Division In the Grand Challenge of the Cup.

The new Champions League

One of the most important changes in the new Champions League that UEFA wanted was to attack the concept of “dropThis kind of buffer that could facilitate the exit from the group stage will disappear.

Of course we are talking about Transition to the “lower” European championship, then from the Champions League to the Europa League and from the latter to the Conference. The large group of 36 teams will ensure more entertainment, according to expectations. During the draw, the maxi menu will be divided into four pots. Each team will face two teams from each betwhich also includes yours.

In a flash you say Farewell to the clash of the round-trip journey. These eight initial races will be neatly divided into Four at home and four away. One chance to get key points to advance in the competition, which will benefit the bid, and limit “calculation odds” by coaches and players.

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All in the same boat, with the big division on the bands forming a pattern. The maximum points in the first stage is 24 points and the only one The clubs that qualify directly for the round of 16 will be in the top eight class. Instead, a play-off stage will be opened to the teams From ninth to twenty-fourth place. In this case, we welcome the challenge back and forth.

Thus there will be eight winners who will go on to complete the next stage, the Knockouts, again with two-way matches but with a little spice added during the draw. Indeed, it will be possible to attend Challenges between clubs from the same country.

The five changes were confirmed, with the number of players on the bench increased, to 15. Furthermore, there was not a step backwards in terms of away goals. It will no longer be worth the double, always referring to the lowest possible calculations, which can reduce the potential of the show on the field.

Fifth Italian player in the UEFA Champions League

Italy’s fifth-place finish could well deserve the Champions League title early this season. The reason is clear: UEFA has increased the number of participating teams from 32 to 36.

It will be three o’clock How to set new slots. one will be awarded Fifth Union in the access listAccording to the UEFA rankings. One of them will be awarded to a national champion, bringing the number of teams that qualified for the playoffs to five.”road samplesThis means not going into foreplay.

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However, the Italian league’s eyes are on the latter method. The remaining two slots will be awarded to associations that have clubs that have managed to get i Best group results in the previous season, in all UEFA competitions. It will be an addition, so it will not limit the number of participants in the European League and Conference. While waiting to find out which leagues will have this “gift”, it is impossible not to think of the good opportunities for Italy, despite the contrast between UEFA and Juventus, given the three finals reached with Inter, Roma, Fiorentina, the Milan derby and the superlative Napoli. progress. Consolation prize after missed opportunities.

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