FESTIL festival in Udine, “Monday” tests science and theater in Palamostre

FESTIL festival in Udine, “Monday” tests science and theater in Palamostre

12.07.2023 – 08.00 – For the eighth edition of Summer Festival FESTIL_Coastdirected by Tommaso Tozzoli and Federico Bellini, staged by Tinaos, will be staged on Friday 14 July in Udine in collaboration with the Teatro Contact 41 Estate, at 9:00 pm at the Teatro Palamostre, “MondayPresentation by Dynamis, created in collaboration with a team of researchers from Enea as part of LIFE Blue Lakes, a project aimed at preventing and reducing plastic waste in Italian and German lakes through an integrated approach, which combines governance activities, training, information and awareness, funded by It is co-sponsored by the European Commission’s Live Programme.Thus, ‘Monday’ is part of a project work that tests the use of theater and the performing arts as new practices for awareness and communication on environmental issues.

Marta Vitalini and Jules Benveniste play two world-class artists of a famous theatrical “troupe”, who introduce themselves to the audience to tell of a revolutionary project and an unprecedented collaboration: science and theater together for the first time in a performance never seen before. That will change the fate of the global public debate. Their professional and personal lives are together again after ten years. We go through the anxieties and contradictions of two distant souls, fragmented but united by a love of the art of acting. A unique opportunity presents itself to them, major European tender, prestigious collaboration with ENEA: National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. So they decided to measure themselves by meeting with a group of scientists and technicians on one of the most pressing and uncomfortable topics of the moment: the wonderful world of plastic, its use and disposal. A topic perhaps technically avoidable, but still socially necessary. A week’s stay in which the two contemplate saving the world through far-fetched ideas and utopian accomplishments, but no result

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It is a growing and sterilized discussion marked by contradictions on the subject, one that will lead the artists to discover the torment and fragility of a human being so polluted now. The show is a Dynamis production, ENEA – LIFE Blue Lakes and Teatro Vascello Theater Production Centre.


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