“Purple of Heroes”. La Fiorentina wants to give himself a dream, thousands in Turin for Wednesday

“Purple of Heroes”.  La Fiorentina wants to give himself a dream, thousands in Turin for Wednesday

there first news is search On April 18, Fiorentina were in full swing to qualify for the European Championship and beat the final. Just a year ago, after 33 league games, Viola had 34 points in the standings and was hoping to score 6 in the remaining five games to finally shout: ‘We’re still in the top flight’. Now they have 56. The world has turned upside downexceeding all reasonable expectations.

there second news say that In a few hours, Fiorentina will go to Turin to play it all, devoid of dread, powerful with a maneuverability capable of alarming anyone. The rest will appear. But as a starting point, that’s not bad.

There will be too Another consideration to do. This season they have purple He has already crossed the Bianconeri on two occasions6 November in the league and 2 March in the Italian Cup. Fiorentina was Always a short nosed defeatwith the challenge bar restored, a tie could have already come close to the Italian.

In the field 3 points for Juventus came in the 46th minute of the second half, thanks to a shot from the bottom of Cuadrado, lying on Biraghi’s leg, impenetrable at that point on Terracciano. A stroke of luck, not in pool, as well as the son of numerical inferiority to Fiorentina, who remained in 10th place at 28 minutes of the second half due to Milinkovic’s double yellow. a Juventus is poor in terms of the game and controlled large parts Come on purple.

In Franchi it is worse for Fiorentina, practically a one-way race. Flavovic, upon his return to Florence after his exciting move to Juventus, drugged him with competition on a full stadium and with Igor’s muzzle, the viola of the constant attack trying to move the Juventus bus from the edge of the area. Not scoring is a mistake, but losing this way is cruelty. Football is beautiful and deceptive at the same time, especially when always at 46 minutes into the second half (damn in that minute) a strangely awkward goal by the unfortunate Venuti materializes. Another blow to Juventus’ good luck (Let’s call it …), after a match improvised by Allegri and organized by the Italians.

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On Wednesday evening there will be the third match of the season between the Bianconeri and Viola, but If Fiorentina is confirmed to those great standards of play, this time the outcome should be different. Maybe the vines can come out on the purple wheel.

there The challenge between Allegri and the Italian It is also the duel between a heavy-handed, expert, and shrewd artist, an expression of our tradition, restored In short, another New Progress Representative, an icon of innovation in a tournament struggling to find interpreters like this one. The mind does not live on one side, not even in football. Allegri is following a path that has in the past brought him great successes, and he has no intention of giving up. The Italian is superior to another and even today he is very satisfied. Juventus focus entirely on individuals, while Fiorentina focus on a code game, aggressive and offensive. In this way, he folded Atalanta 3 times, Milan and Napoli and tied at San Siro with Inter.

On the field, the match will be resumed from 0-1 by Franchi (in the Coppa Italia, the away goal rule still applies), Juventus will get two out of three results, good feature. but just why Fiorentina European mentality – He knows no differences between the home and away matches – We are entitled to believe that the Viola will not be affected by the Florence Damage. exactly the contrary, If possible, they can get more reinforcement in carrying out her plan.

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Up to Italian Cup FinalMissing since 2014 To the viola – it would be a feat, but not impossible. Also because Juventus will not arrive in the best conditions for the date. The tie in Bologna sparked major controversies (Rosobolo at 9, endless recovery), which slowed the Bianconeri in the race to fourth, leading to Bitter controversy at Club Aneli. Not only: In midfield, Allegri has some problems. The emergency situation on average already provided the result against Bologna and could also cause problems in the cup. they will be Definitely from Locatelli (in the pits for a while) and Arthur. And so is my McKinneyAnother long patient. start Zacharias can also be excluded. Allegri has no way out and he has to do it. It also happened that Dybala bent down to help, but that’s not really his job. In fact, he risked causing damage. He can hit Fiorentina in the middle of the field, directed by Torreira. Not to forget strangers, the strong point of the Italian maneuver.

cheerfula master in creating unfavorable psychological conditions for the opponent, I tried to create confusion On top of Fiorentina: “For the Champions League – he said anchovies – There is also Viola who has a better schedule, they have to take the match back and have a live match with us on the last day….” Fun he was smartplaying their cards, on the eve of the race that deserves a season because The Coppa Italia suddenly became an important target for Juventus as well.

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Fiorentina wants to dream for themselves, they have every right to do so. It costs nothing to try, doing it is worth a fortune. If the match with Juventus will not be like every other match, let alone this match… In Turin there will be 1,000 Viola fansHe talks about dreams. They have always believed in him. Go everywhere. Fiesole Runabout. Florence is expecting a big Wednesday.

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