“I will sue to regain the 2008 F1 title when I was at Ferrari” – Corriere.it

“I will sue to regain the 2008 F1 title when I was at Ferrari” – Corriere.it

The story is old. But recent statements have brought him back to the surface. Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa is ready to sue the FIA ​​to claim the 2008 World Drivers’ Championship he lost to Lewis Hamilton. The Brazilian was prompted to venture into the courtroom by recent statements by former circus patron Bernie Ecclestone who admitted he had not enforced the regulation and was wrong not to overturn it. 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. in this race Nelcinio Pique He voluntarily caused an accident to bring a safety car onto the track to allow his partner at the time at Renault, Fernando Alonso to win the race. The safety car punished Massa’s race, who eventually finished 13th, while his main rival for the title (and then de facto world champion) Hamilton finished third.

In an interview with Motorsport.com, Mass He said he wanted to appeal “not for the money but for justice.” «They told me that I could not appeal after being declared a hero, even if it was proven that it was theft. At the time, Ferrari’s lawyers told me about this rule. So it is logical that I believe in this position. But after 15 years, I feel F1 owner (Ecclestone) figured it out in 2008, with FIA boss (Max Mosley Then he died by suicide in 2021), and they did nothing not to tarnish the name of Formula 1. It is very sad to know that the result of this race had to be annulled and that I would have taken the title. In the end, I was the one who lost the most with this score. The correct solution is to cancel the result of that race. It is the only justice that can be done in a case like this. We’ve already seen other similar situations happen in sports, eg Lance Armstrong, who was revealed to be doing drugs, and lost all titles. What is the difference?”.

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However, it is not clear which court address Massa could apply to. FIA law does not allow for late appeals after a race and the right to request revision expires 14 calendar days after the Grand Prix and four days before the date of the award ceremony. Fia of that year If the topic concerned is related to the general classification. The only way is to appeal to an ordinary court, but first of all we have to understand who has jurisdiction: Singapore? Paris (the headquarters of the FIA)? Brazilian court? Once the court has been found and recognized as right, the FIA ​​must enforce the ruling. But it is precisely because it will set a precedent that it may only be the beginning of another legal path.

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