But Messina finds W

Olympia Milan shuts down Monaco and returns to success after four consecutive knockouts. Kyle Haynes sends a signal with an exciting first half, Frenchman Mike James tried for a few minutes before raising the white flag, in the final Monaco returns to his possessions, but it is too late.

The race was ignited again in the final by Paris Lee’s intuition: Ettore Messina’s men do not find much continuity in attack, but fly with a strong and persistent defense, which is also crucial in the final.

65-71 final.

first fourth

Ettore Messina fired Troy Daniels in the quintet, with a maximum margin of 9-2 at 6.20 after a hat-trick from Delaney. Delaney, Shields, Melli and Hines are also immediately on the field, while Monaco responds with Lee, Bacon retrieved and Diallo, Faye and Motiejunas with Mike James in 12th place. In the last quarter, Millie and a trio of new Hall regained maximum interest at 12-22, on Sir Daniels being 14-26. Monaco 33.3% of 2 and 20% of 3 with 6 losses. Milan Shields 6.

four and two

Devon Hall bombed 19-29, then 2/2 of Chacho for 19-31 at 6.59. Delaney on entry and Daniels extended the jump to 23-37 at 3.38. Above all defensive dominance of red and white, while Mike James, after discussing with Mitrovic in the first quarter, does not return to the field. Shields supports +16. In the end, Milan produce little, while Monaco see Bacon return to the locker room early after a bad fall. 27-39 20 minutes later, 8th Li, 10th by Heinz.

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third fourth

Millie opened fourth with a hat-trick in the p&p for 29-42, Daniels free-of-corner makes 32-45 in 7′, but Delaney takes the technique after an obvious second foul in attack. Chacho, forgotten by the Monaco defence, 36-48 at 4.30, put Monaco with unclear thoughts, to recall Tarczewski’s 39-51 after 3 offensive rebounds. The same position, after two mistakes, finds a 44-57 basket, which is the last quarter.

fourth fourth

Chacho tries to set the arrow with triples which means 44-65 at 9′. Chacho paints art in Monte Carlo, and there’s also space for Jerian Grant, while Mike James, seen limping at the end of the first half, is no longer on the field. Angucic brought the hosts back to -11 with 5 minutes to play, and Delaney responded immediately from the corner after Messina’s timeout, but immediately after he committed the fifth foul in his match. The Motum put -10 at 3.28 on Lee’s invention, and again Lee set 63-71 at 1.30. After a foul on the floor by Shields, Hall put it 65-71 in the last minute of play. Shields is blocked, but Bacon and Lee miss a triple-3.

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