Nightmarish Calabria, dope Giro, goodbye Pioli? Milan and Dortmund match report

Nightmarish Calabria, dope Giro, goodbye Pioli?  Milan and Dortmund match report

The Rossoneri suffered a severe defeat at the hands of the Germans. Theo jogs, Loftus-Cheek does not affect Emre Can, Chukwueze signals. Voices by Federico Masini

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Maignan 5: It doesn’t look like usual: at 1-2 he has a bit of responsibility, but he doesn’t look very engaged, at 1-3 he takes a corner kick first and is taunted by Adeyemi’s powerful right-foot shot.
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Calabria 4: A nightmare evening: conceded a penalty, but this is only the first time Benno-Gittens has missed. When the score is 1-2, he chooses to close the goal and leaves his player alone to score. Moreover, at the end of the first half he missed the potential score of 2-1.

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Thiaw 5.5: On difficulty when Borussia starts quickly, Bynoe-Gittens is hurt to stop the unleashing. Krunic (8’sh) 5: He comes as a central defender and Milan goes crazy.
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Tomori 6.5: He is the lifeline of the Rossoneri’s defense line, without him the deficit would have been greater.

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Theo Hernandez 5: He doesn’t have the right charisma, he’s running around.
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Reijnders 5.5: When it can move vertically, it always does, but in the long run it fades away.

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Adly 6: He has a vision for the game, and it is unfortunate that he does not go beyond second gear. Jovic (32′) 6: He’s not lucky: he hits the post with a header, and could have reopened the game.
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Loftus-Cheek 5.5: As a physical attacking midfielder like Kessie, he splits PSG. This time it has no effect: Emre Can strangles him and does not come out.

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Chukwueze 6.5: He was expecting a signal from the Nigerian and it arrived at the most sensitive moment for Milan. The goal, the jewel, opens the door, but unfortunately it’s not enough. Xhaka Traoré (32′ sh).
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Giroud 4: The missed penalty kick after 5 minutes numbs him and bounces off Hummels throughout the match.

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Pulisic 5.5: He’s no Leao, he has more vision and touch (see the cross that Calabria didn’t embody), but he flashes quite a bit.
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All Pioli 4.5: Unlucky progress, but another injury, gaps in the defensive phase, and slow maneuvering do not play in his favor. Rehabilitation is now an illusion.

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