Italian Super Cup, here is the date and place. Juventus does not slip

The official is still missing, but it should be Wednesday January 12 2022 The good history of Italian Super Cup between Inter and Juventus. The dialogue between the two clubs and La Liga Serie A reached its climax in the past few days, and the first decision was to abandon the trip to Saudi Arabia: The match will be held in San Siro, with income divided equally. After evaluating the dates of December 22, 2021 and January 5, 2022, the selection would have taken place the following week.

Super Cup and calendar, point: Juventus – Napoli will not slip

In the last few hours there has been a lot of discussion about the possibility of playing the Super Cup on January 5th. Such a choice It could have led to the postponement of the Juventus-Napoli match (Scheduled for January 6) to be restored in the following weeks. Thus, the current leaders were able to recover from the big match in the first court Players participating in the African Nations Cup (From January 9 to February 6).

It would not be so, however, January 12 window selection. Any league match must be moved Juventus-Napoli will therefore remain on the January 6 schedule, when Spalletti will likely have to dispense with Osimene, Koulibaly and Anguisea. That week, the Coppa Italia round of 16 program is scheduled to start, but it will be enough to schedule Inter and Juventus matches in another box later.

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