Italian Stock Exchange, suspension of the session of November 17, 2023

Italian Stock Exchange, suspension of the session of November 17, 2023

Today is technical deadline day. Generali is always negative after the quarterly release. Increases prevail in banking sector stocks.

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets confirmed themselves in positive territory in the last session of the week, A day marked by some technical appointments: Options contracts on stocks and indices dated November 2023 have expired. According to Hans-Jörg Nommer – Director of Global Capital Markets and Thematic Research at Allianz Global Investors – The technical situation is unclearThe main indices in the major stock markets are approaching the 30-day moving average, while the relative strength indicators are at neutral levels. The expert stated, “Based on the relative price of gold (as an indicator of caution) and copper (which is often a leading indicator of economic growth), a cautious stance prevails.”

3.30 pm Ftsimib It gained 0.74% to 29,475 points, after oscillating between the minimum of 29,320 points and the maximum of 29,540 points. At the same time FTSE Italy All Shares 0.76% recovered. Plus sign also for FTSE Italy Mid Cap Index (+0.87%) and FTSE Italy Star Index (+0.83%).

the Bitcoin It remains under $36,500 (just under €33,500).

the Btp-bond spread It oscillates around 175 points The return of BTP for ten years Which returned above 4.3%.

to’euro It consolidates above $1,085.

general Recording a decline of 1.56% to 19.28 euros. Asad informed Trieste I Financial results for the first nine months of 2023. The data showed an improvement in profitability and total premiums, while the combined ratio decreased to 94.3%. In the first nine months of 2023, losses due to natural disasters amounted to 875 million euros (837 million taking into account discount). Generali’s management confirmed the strategic and financial objectives for 2023 and the dividend policy for the three-year period 2022-2024.

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Rallies prevail among stocks The banking sector.

BancoBPM in evidence (+0.38% to €5.27). The Corporation announced a cash repurchase offer for all or part of its perpetual bonds “300 million 8.75% additional Tier 1 Notes” with a total principal amount outstanding of €300 million. At the same time, BancoBPM announced a new issuance of additional Tier 1 fixed rate reset perpetual bonds with a nominal amount of EUR 300 million.

Positive tone too Intesa San Paolo (+0.89% to €2.67) and BBR Bank (+0.58% to €3,483).

Anima Holdings It gained 1.39% to 4,078 euros. The company announced that it had signed a contract Binding agreement to acquire 100% of Kairos Partners SGR By the parent company Kairos Investment Management. The maximum fee agreed for the operation equals the capital surplus (currently estimated at between €20 and €25 million) compared to the company’s minimum supervisory requirements, taking into account a possible adjustment based on the performance of the assets managed after the signing of the agreement. ‘an agreement.

Interface pump Recording a decline of 1.21% to 42.63 euros. Joint stock Gruppo IPG Holding has completed the sale of 1,800,000 shares worth €75.78 million, before fees and commissions. The transaction was completed at a unit price of 42.1 euros.

Carel Industries Remains in positive territory (+0.23% to €21.65). The company announced the final terms of the option capital increase which were approved by the shareholders’ meeting on September 14, 2023. The Board of Directors decided to issue a maximum of 12,499,205 new shares that will be offered as an option to shareholders, in the ratio of new shares for every 8 shares owned by Carel Industries, at a price of one unit. 16 euros. The subscription price includes a discount equivalent to 23.73% compared to the notional ex-rights price of Carel shares, based on the reference price on 16 November 2023 (€21.6).

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The race doesn’t stop PortobelloThis is after the leap he achieved in the previous sessions. the address is Suspended due to excessive increase After recording a theoretical advance of 15.3% and the last price of 8.18 euros at 11.55 am.

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