The Economist on Trump’s re-election in 2024: “The greatest danger to the world”

The Economist on Trump’s re-election in 2024: “The greatest danger to the world”

The biggest danger to the whole world in 2024? to’Economist He has no doubt: Donald Trump. The British weekly magazine claims that there is a hypothetical second term for Donald as prime minister United State It would motivate Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to view American democracy as dysfunctional, and more generally, it would represent “The biggest threat“For the United States. In short, a catastrophe on which the fate of the planet will depend.

Trump danger

a “Trump’s second term will be a different turn from his first term“booksEconomistremembering that “The fate of the world“It will depend on the ballot papers.”Tens of thousands of voters in a few states” in US Presidential Election 2024.

there China And his friends – The newspaper added in its annual guide world forwardThey will rejoice at evidence that American democracy is dysfunctional“And Beijing”It is easy for them to miscalculate with Taiwan, which could lead to disastrous consequences“. In the foreground RussiaInstead, the head of the KremlinThere will be an incentive to continue fighting in Ukraine and eliminate former Soviet states such as Moldova or the Baltic states“.

However, in addition to the foreign policy consequences of a hypothetical re-election for a businessman, “The biggest threat“Who Trump represents”It’s for his country“.”to””Moral authority“From the United States will decrease”Because America will vote for him despite knowing the worst“. while “He will persecute his enemies“, trump card”He will wage war on any institution that stands in his way, including the courts and the Ministry of Justice“.

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Towards the US presidential elections

And in all of this, Trump is dominating the Republican primaries Legal problems That overshadowed him did nothing but reinvigorate his electoral appeal. Different Surveys They are outperforming Joe Biden in swing states. In one of them, they quoted from The New York Times59% of voters said they trust him on the economy, compared to only 37% of respondents who said they trust Biden. For decades, Democrats have also relied on the support of African and Latino voters, but a significant number of them are abandoning the party.

ExpectationsEconomist They feel anxious:If Trump tramples on due process and civil rights in the United States, his diplomats will not be able to declare it abroad. The Global South will find confirmation in the suspicion that American calls to do what is right are actually an exercise in hypocrisy“.

Trump’s second term, again according to the British weekly, will be a second term Watersheds Even bigger than the first one was. “Triumph of the businessman”It would confirm his most destructive instincts regarding power“While his plans will meet with less resistance.”The election will be decided by tens of thousands of voters in a handful of states. In 2024, the fate of the world will depend on their ballots“This is his ‘alarm cry’Economist.

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