Markets are preparing for another bullish boom

Everything keeps moving forward As per our expectations. Let’s recap: October lows are cyclically correlated with Christmas highs and a further increase until April 30th, prior to selling in May, and thus a decline that may continue into October.

Phase 1 at 10/15% runs through mid-December/Christmas week. The second, 20/25% of October lows, through April 30, the first ten days of May.

At 4:50 pm on the trading day on November 15, we read the following prices:

Dax future


The future of Eurostoxx


Ftsy Mibe future


S&P 500 . Index


For several weeks, the annual forecast varied with the direction of the charts

In red, our annual global stock index forecast on a weekly scale for 2021.

In blue the US markets chart through November 12th.

What are our predictions for the week of November 15th?

Low between Monday and Tuesday (weekly low likely to be set on Monday) and then high until Friday. At the moment, this sample path is being confirmed, so our view is that the markets are ready for a new bullish surge.


Price Forecast and Expected Minimum/Maximum Zones for the Week of November 15

Dax future

15.890 / 16.015

16,359 / 16,558

The future of Eurostoxx

4.330 / 4.366

4.418 / 4.464

Future Ftse Mib

26.275 / 26.500

28.150 / 27.390

S&P 500 . Index

4.655 / 4.689

4.767 / 4.908.0000

Today the minimum areas have been touched upon, therefore as of tomorrow we must advance towards the maximum areas that will be reached by Friday.

Markets are preparing for another bullish boom

Below is a price chart to keep the pulse of the position.

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Dax future

An upside move until we see a daily closing below 16.063. Long-term cons only with weekly close below 15715.

The future of Eurostoxx

Uptrend until the daily close below 4.345. Long term only declines with weekly close below 4252.

Future Ftse Mib

An upside move until we see a daily closing below 27.535. Long-term cons only with weekly close below 26995.

S&P 500 . Index

An upside move until we see a daily closing below 4650. Long-term negatives only with a weekly closing below 4595.

In light of the data just described, what better process would our trading systems recommend?

Continue to keep purchases open on Tuesday 19 October at the opening prices of the analyzed listings.

What will Tuesday’s trading day look like?

Lateral phase for a few hours then accelerates and closes at heights.

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