Ten incredible Italian cars you may not have heard of

Ten incredible Italian cars you may not have heard of

The beauty that the world envies – If there is one thing for which Italian cars, especially sports ones, are famous and always appreciated all over the world, it is for beauty and elegance of their forms. Some, in particular, with their timeless charm and beyond fashion have helped build legends beyond their automotive dimensions. The Miura and Countach for Lamborghini, the 33 Stradale for Alfa Romeo, the 250 and 275 for Ferrari, the A6GCS / 53 and 3500 GT for Maserati, and many other famous examples can be cited.

make you say “cool” – but the Italian spirit applied to the car offers many other ideas, fueled by impulses sometimes capable of translating into them Unique cars: original “jewels” designed by independent designers or handcrafted by small ateliers, destined to remain unique specimens or give life to very small series productions. In our photo gallery, we have selected ten that, despite their relatively young age, are probably already forgotten by many. But it remains the advantage of transferring all our art of giving life to something more than a simple car and into the realm of motors.

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