“Not with him for a moment.”

“Not with him for a moment.”

I’m having a hard time with Garcia. I will make the most appropriate decisions when the time comes to make them. The arena cannot be air conditioned. You should always take a reflective pause“. The President of Naples said this Aurelio De Laurentiis In his speech at the roundtable organized by Inbio at Luis University in Rome. Newspaper Republic We quote some of the Italian owner’s statements about the French coach’s future in the balance:Every hasty decision is a mistake. We need to alleviate this need to have everything right away, it is not possible in life. “Put it down, pedal, and get to work.”

De Laurentiis’ words about Garcia

The Napoli president added: “Football is not like a building under construction, which if it is built well you are sure it will not collapse. In football there are accidents, illnesses and expulsions. It is not written anywhere that there are sporting solutions to win the championship. I think this year we will also play until the end. The only responsibility I have besides choosing the coach It’s just that I haven’t had the opportunity to be close to him every day In Castel Volturno“.

De Laurentiis and acting coaches

De Laurentiis also revealed that he had been in contact with other coaches before Garcia: I questioned Thiago MottaBut he did not take into account the danger of having to replace the coach who did what he did. I called Luis Enrique and thank God he went to France, look at the results he is achieving. He didn’t even convince me on the controversial three-day trip we had. “I’ve contacted many of them.”

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