Italian: “Commisso is always attentive and present. With Viola Park there will be a great future”

The words of Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano: “Commisso is always very attentive and present. With Viola Park there will be a great future for this club”

That’s how the technician talks Fiorentina Vincenzo Italian to me dozen: “Sometimes it’s good to take a break, especially for someone like me who lives from football and always thinks about football. Florence is a wonderful city, where you will find something to admire. In my first lecture I said it right away: The beauty of this city deserves a brave team that does beautiful things, has fun, and reflects how beautiful Florence is. We have partially succeeded this year in reviving the passion of the fans. In Piazzale Michelangelo, I spent my first day as Fiorentina coach, a picturesque location. I would never have imagined anything else if it wasn’t football. Talking to myself, I wonder is it possible that I don’t like anything other than football? Yes something, like spearfishing. But my life is football, and I relax a little. If I had not been a coach… Who knows, I could have been a diver.”

Fiorentina. “For the Florentine family, the viola is a reason to live. People in Florence are “tired” of this team and it’s a nice thing. They often tell me that little girls named Viola are still being born and that the mood of the city depends on Fiorentina’s performance. It’s nice to meet the fans in the street because we woke up this team and people watched it, congratulating you, it’s a great satisfaction.

Malaysians. “Alberto Malesani was a great inspiration I chose to become a coach. She was important on and off the field. In 2001 he was already proposing groundbreaking football and a lot of my approach is based on what he taught me in Verona.”

komisu. “Rocco Komisso is a very attentive bossAnd the He loves Fiorentina very much It is always there. He follows everything even from afar and Your support is very important to me. Viola Park is an idea for President Commisso and in my opinion it will be a sports center that will give a great sense of team for all formations. From the youth teams, to the first team even the women’s team, this place will become a true home of the viola. The attachment to the shirt will grow a lot and this will change the future of Fiorentina.”

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