Xiaomi Band 7 is now available on Amazon: there’s confusion in the air

Xiaomi Band 7 is now available on Amazon: there’s confusion in the air

Xiaomi band 7 It has been officially revealed to the public over the past few weeks: several steps have been taken compared to the previous model, especially in terms of screen size.

Surprisingly, the Xiaomi Band 7 is Finally arrived on Amazon. However, there is one detail that you should be aware of before making the purchase, so that you are fully aware of it.

Xiaomi Band 7 on Amazon: Global or Chinese version?

Although many immediately rejoiced at the news, the Xiaomi Band 7 purchase page on Amazon is unclear regarding a specific but essential aspect. At the moment, in fact, it is not possible to tell if you are in front of Chinese version (the only one we’ve had the chance to know so far) or the global version also intended for the Italian market.

As you can easily see, the product description is completely missing and not even the title is able to clarify the doubts regarding the nature of the Xiaomi Band 7. In the coming days, most likely, more details will be added. However, affected consumers are currently expected to blindly make the purchase (only to return it if it does not meet expectations).

In the event that you prefer to play it safe, with absolutely certainty of the product that will reach your home, we remind you that the Xiaomi Band 6 is available on Amazon at special prices €34.99 And the €49.26 (NFC version). On the other hand, if you are a fan of risk and uncertainty that is your daily bread, take a seat: Xiaomi Band 7 is Here for you at €69.

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