Milan, double commitment wears you down with this team: here’s who’s leaving | first page

Milan, double commitment wears you down with this team: here’s who’s leaving |  first page

the Milan He has not fully recovered and the defeat against Fiorentina is clear evidence of that. The score 2-1 does not do justice to the Italian formation’s superior dominance in every area of ​​the field. The group coached by Pioli is not yet ready for double commitment at certain levels, and many of the players who took to the field in Franchi already had their heads in Wednesday’s Champions League match against Tottenham. A pity that can cost heavy points in a standings that have grown short and have seen a decisive surge from Lazio. uneven team – We’ve written it many times in these columns and we’re repeating it again today: Without Leão Milan is not a top level team. This is because the Portuguese is the player who, with his talent, even on dull days, always manages to pinpoint or intimidate the opponent into serving. If the first variant is this version of rebeck Then the problem increases: the Croatian striker is completely separated from the rest of the team. Pioli may have gotten some initial moves or choices wrong but the current squad has far too many players who, for one reason or another, haven’t proven themselves up to the task. From Origi without dynamism to the right passer he sees in Messias and Saelemaekers players with guaranteed commitment but with a clear technical deficiency. And if he became the reserve of Bin Nasser I Bakayoko And then some questions that management will have to ask as well bobega (Suddenly disappeared from the radar last month) e Franks. Maldini and Masara will have to work, for the first time, deeply into the outgoing market. It will be an important test for a more complete judgment of their work.

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