Sudakov, double move for Juve. One of the market targets threatens to move away…

Sudakov, double move for Juve.  One of the market targets threatens to move away…

nIt won't be easy for him Giuntoli H Manna Bring one or two shots planned for the summer into January. Samardzic He risks walking away because he's the boss now From Lawrence In a hurry to make Napleswith the aim of at least not losing your place in the next stage Champions League: Udinese's all-rounder is looking for a leap in quality in a top team, and the Azzurri can satisfy him immediately despite a long courtship. Juventus In these months.

The Juventus management has to make a choice, thus choosing the profile in which to invest, perhaps anticipating the competition: so a new attempt will be made to invest. Sudakov In the next few days, the difficulty factor is high due to demand Shakhtar Donetsk It has not changed (at least 35 million) and the decline to it European League He did not change the Ukrainian club's strategies. season Shakhtar Paused temporarily, in a long winter hibernation that will not end until mid-February, when there will be a double challenge inOlympique Marseille For the qualifiers European League: In the meantime, there will be time to delve deeper into the issue, starting with the assumption that the attacking midfielder is enamored with the Italian experience and feels ready to make the jump to a more competitive tournament.

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