Juventus and De Ligt: Besides Chelsea, there is Bayern

Juventus and De Ligt: Besides Chelsea, there is Bayern

Nadia Manchester remains in the background. The Bianconeri would like to determine the Dutchman’s future as quickly as possible, so as not to risk another Ronaldo case

De Ligt auction is open. There’s also Bayern on the player, with a first offer not enough to bid for Juve but almost equal to that of Chelsea, which in the meantime is preparing to ramp up the increase. The Blues put on the table 70 million plus 10 bonuses: still a few for the Bianconeri, who had already rejected a less economically profitable offer to include a technical counterpart and tried to disrupt the 120 million clause. The Germans offer a little less in the fixed part, but they will be willing to admit more substantial rewards, to the point of being able to duel on an equal footing with the Londoners.

Auction is open

It is clear that Juventus wants to make as much income as possible from the sale of the defender, so that it can finance other incoming transactions: from the defender (the favorite Koulibaly in Italy, Gabriel abroad, without excluding Badiachel and Akanji) to Zaniolo (who is already satisfied) and perhaps even an outsider. The Dutchman, theoretically expected in Turin from next July 10, like all his other teammates to resume activities, may not return to Continassa: the target of the entourage – and perhaps also Juventus itself, who wants to avoid reclaiming a situation similar to that. Cristiano Ronaldo last summer – determine his future as soon as possible. Manchester City remain in the background, which would have shown their interest but not yet an official bid, and United, who, however, warm up the player much less than the Champions League exit. The renewal hypothesis (with the clause reduced) is still valid but is now the least likely: Juventus is ready to give in, but not willing to offer discounts. Bayern’s latest move puts pressure on Chelsea and makes the Bianconeri smile: De Ligt’s auction is open.

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