Fiorentina – Napoli 2-2: Great free kick to Kvaratskhelia

Fiorentina – Napoli 2-2: Great free kick to Kvaratskhelia

Fiorentina – Napoli, scoreboard and statistics


Naples, calzone speaks

“I liked the team in the first half hour, then after the equalizer we collapsed for ten minutes. In the second half we raised our center of gravity, and we played a good match despite the result. Our problem is that we were and are still doomed to win, and this does not help us, but we are moving forward.”. Here are all the words of the Napoli coach.


Italiano budget

“The boys have had another great season and I hope they can finish the season well. We will now think about the Cagliari game and then we will focus on the Athens game.” We have seen that Olympiacos is a team that finishes well and starts again, Their striker constantly scores, and this is an aspect that we must take good care of, and we should not give in to an opponent who, being a final, can make you pay dearly for even the smallest mistake.


Italian words for dazen

“I think we arrived a little tired in the last minutes as we couldn’t keep the ball forward and risked it. In the end a draw is the right result and we will accept it: we will keep Napoli back.” For us, let’s see what the players do with our opponents, remembering that we still have two rounds left. Now the target is eighth place.”


Biraghi’s speech after the match on DAZN channel

“It was a very balanced and difficult match, we faced a great team and found ourselves behind after a few minutes. It took us a while to regroup, but we managed to end the first half with the lead. Which penalty was more? Nice? I must say that Kvaratskhelia scored a good goal, his position was very far away and he charted an important path. “I’m happy to be able to score again, something that hasn’t happened since the match last May against Salernitana.”


Fiorentina and Napoli standings

Tonight’s point doesn’t change much in the standings. The conference place is always at stake with Fiorentina eighth in 54th and Napoli in 52nd. The last day will be decisive.

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90’+4′ – End of the match at the Franchi Stadium: Fiorentina – Napoli 2-2

Final whistle: Fiorentina and Napoli win 2-2. The distances in the ranking remain unchanged.


90’+3′ – Raspadori comes close to scoring

Anguissa sends Raspadori into the penalty area, who turns and shoots: the ball goes wide of the goal.


84′ – Two crosses and two clearances from Meret

Two successive crosses from Dodo from the right side, and Meret excelled both times, blocking them with his fists.


82′ – No penalty kick after review

Marchetti goes to the screen and takes the penalty kick: Lobotka finds the ball first. No penalties.


80′ Penalty kick for Fiorentina

Great work from Nico who finds Belotti’s introduction: Lobotka sends the attacker off, for Marchetti it’s a penalty.


75′ – Terracciano says no to Politano

The Fiorentina goalkeeper makes a mistake on the way out, then the ball reaches Politano, who shoots from the right side. Terracciano is there and puts him in the corner.


74′ – Dangerous free kick from Nico

Free kick taken by Nico Gonzalez from the left side (from the right). Meret takes no risks and raises the ball over the crossbar.


71′ – Simeone’s shot is too high

Napoli counterattack with Simeone reaching the maximum and shooting hard: Very high shot.


63′ – Napoli’s goal

Filo from Kvaratskhelia to Politano, who shoots on the run: the post is full and the ball is back in play. What an opportunity for Napoli.


57′ – Kvaratskhelia’s masterpiece from a free kick: what a goal

Incredible free kick from Kvaratskhelia from long range and the ball ends up at the bottom of the set: Top corner and 2-2 goal for Napoli.


50′ – Kvaratskhelia shoots a powerful ball high

Mazzocchi arrives from his wing and sends Kvaratskhelia: a volley and a high ball. Shortly after, Mazzocchi crossed to Simeone again: Terracciano went to the bank and came off. Kagusti tries to rebound: High.


48′ – Gonzalez tries, Meret saves

Perfect shot by Nico Gonzalez with his left foot from outside the area: Meret saves the ball by pushing it into the corner.

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46′ – Start of the second half, Fiorentina – Napoli 2-1

The second half begins without changes. Napoli plays the first ball.


45’+2′ – End of the first half: Fiorentina – Napoli 2-1

The first half ends at the franchise. Fiorentina leads with two goals from Biraghi and Nzoula. Rahmani scored the opening goal.


42′ – Fiorentina takes the lead with the goal down

Politano’s mistake in defense and the ball is recovered by Nzola who shoots a low shot: far corner and the ball into the net. Fiorentina 2 Napoli 1.


40′ – Biraghi’s goal from a free kick

Perfect free kick from Biraghi who beats Meret: the ball goes over the barrier, touches under the crossbar and the goal. Fiorentina – Napoli 1-1.


35′ – Here Fiorentina stabilizes with Kwame

The ball is in, but no one from Fiorentina gets there. Kwame shoots hard from the outside but the ball is too high.


24′ – Chance Fiorentina

Great play by Dodo that frees Beltran: he runs and shoots, but Meret is there and saves him. Good behavior from Fiorentina.


13′ – Two flashes from Napoli

First with Kagusti, then with Kvaratskhelia. Two chances for Napoli within a few seconds, but the ball is always high. Good moment for Napoli.


10′ – Fiorentina’s reaction to Beltran

Personal move with Nico Gonzalez: Ball inside for Beltran who tries from a tight angle. Block Merritt.


8′ – Napoli scores through Rahmani

Napoli corner with Politano and the Fiorentina defense not moving. Rahmani jumps and heads the goal for the Azzurri. 1-0 to Calzona.


5′- Slow pace at the start of the match

No sharp shots and very tactical game yet. Fiorentina is trying to play…


1′- Fiorentina-Napoli starts at the Franchi Stadium

Let’s go! Coach Spalletti was also present in the stands. Fiorentina in the classic purple kit, Napoli in the white shirt. First ball for the home team. Referee Marchetti blows his whistle


Nico Gonzalez statistics

Seven of Nicolas Gonzalez’s last 12 goals in Serie A have come from headers. Since his first goal in this basic manner in the competition (3 May 2023, against Salernitana), only Olivier Giroud (eight) has scored more goals in this method than the Argentine (seven) in the tournament.

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Napoli has problems in defence

Napoli have conceded goals in 15 consecutive Italian League matches (The last clean sheet was in a 0-0 draw against Lazio, on January 28); The only occasion on which a Napoli team performed poorly in the competition dates back to the period between August 1997 and January 1998 (17 in this case, when Bortolo Muti, Carlo Mazzoni and Giovanni Galleone rotated on the Sarri’s bench).


Naples numbers

Napoli have lost only one of their last 14 matches away to Fiorentina in the Italian League (W7, D6); Of the teams they have faced at least four times in the last 15 Premier League seasons (since 2009/10), only against Cagliari (nil in 13 away matches) The Azzurri recorded fewer defeats away from home than they did to the Viola in the tournament (one in fact).


Fiorentina numbers

Fiorentina have won two of their last four matches against Napoli in the Italian League (1N, 1P), the same number of victories they had in the previous 15 matches against the Napoli side in the competition (4N, 9P). Overall, the Viola have achieved 55 victories over Napoli in the tournament (D40, L52), only against Bologna (57) has the Tuscan team achieved more successes against a single opponent in the competition.


The official lineup for the match between Fiorentina and Napoli

Fiorentina (4-2-3-1) – Terracciano; Dudu, Martinez Quarta, Milinkovic, Terracciano; Arthur, Bonaventure; Nico Gonzalez, Beltran, Kwame; Down. All: Italian.

Napoli (4-3-3) – Merritt. Mazzucci, Ostegaard, Rahmani, Oliveira; Anguissa, Lobotka, Kajusti; Politano, Simeone, Kvaratskhelia. All: Calzone.


Fiorentina – Napoli at 8.45 pm

Franchise points for Europe. Fiorentina and Napoli face their last hopes for a European place. The match starts at 8.45pm.

Florence – Stadio Artemio Franchi

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