ItalBasket, Pozzecco: “Banchero? I would be lucky to train him.”

ItalBasket, Pozzecco: “Banchero?  I would be lucky to train him.”

In an interview with Sky Sport at the dello Sport Festival, Gianmarco Pozzecco explained among the many topics what he and Giannis Antetokounmpo said at famous hug After winning the match against France.

With 40 seconds left, I went out to share the joy with my players. I met Giannis at the stadium, with whom we played the first stage in Milan. He smiled at me and I jumped at him and said “I love you” and now he’s mad because I’m not writing to him. [ride, ndr]. He thought it would last, but I’m married… Joking aside, the next day I saw him again and he distanced himself for a moment wondering if I should jump on him again

Gianmarco Bosico, via Sky Sport

And there is still talk of France, particularly the announcement made by the Bose after the match, which some transalpines interpreted as disrespectful. Pozzecco explained.

In the world of basketball who deserves to win. After the match against France, I took that responsibility, and said without any respect, we deserved to keep going.

Gianmarco Bosico, via Sky Sport

The Azzurri are thinking about next summer, the World Cup 2023. Before that, there are still the qualifying stages to be completed in order to grab the ticket. Will Paolo Panchero be there too?

Banchero? Trainotti dipped it in when Paolo was still known. We’ll talk when I have it. But she was a genius of our general manager and I’d be lucky to coach him

Gianmarco Bosico, via Sky Sport

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