Change that can be a turning point

Change that can be a turning point

Instagram has a real turning point ready when it comes to its stories. They are ready to change forever, to the delight of users. Here’s everything you need to know about it and when the update might be released

Instagram It is still today a reference point for what matters to social platforms. A success that has been built up over the years and doesn’t seem to want to stop. In fact, a series of new useful features are about to arrive, which are intended to meet the demands of users and provide them with more tools to Share your content with your followers.

According to what has emerged, Instagram will soon offer a useful update regarding Stories (Adobe Stock)

One of the company’s great strengths is undoubtedly Stories. These are content – photos and videos – with a predetermined duration and yes Automatically delete 24 hours after publication. A big change in that sense could happen soon.

Instagram, stories are forever changing

for a while now, Instagram working on making Stories More feature rich. Over time stickers have arrived, they are constantly improving and allow you to make contents more customizable with music, places, question boxes, polls, etc. According to expert Adam Mosseri, an extension could arrive soon that actually gets people talking. The idea is to give consumers the opportunity to create stories for up to 60 secondsmuch more than the 15 seconds currently available.

instagram 20220924
You will be able to record videos continuously for up to 60 seconds (Adobe Stock)

“We are working on improving the stories experience. Now users will be able to play and create stories continuously for up to 60 seconds, instead of automatically cutting them into 15-second clips” A Meta spokesperson explained to TechCrunch, assert indiscretion appeared in recent days. Therefore, the company’s philosophy continues to give more possibilities to its users.

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also rollers It has been extended and today they can access up to 90 seconds. The idea in this case is to compete with YouTube videos, TikTok and Snapchat. We’ll see how and when the latest novelty will be incorporated. At the moment, there is no news regarding release timingHowever, there are already reports of people who can now upload 60-second videos.

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