Naples or Bari transfer? De Laurentiis’ decision has been made!

Naples or Bari transfer?  De Laurentiis’ decision has been made!

De Laurentiis sell Bari or Naples? The decision was actually made by the De Laurentiis family who had to choose between Bari and Naples.

Naples or Bari transfer? De Laurentiis could have made a final decision. Apulian, who has just returned to Italy, must be sold B . series After years of hell between the Italian league and the third division. Talking about this premise is today’s version of Toto Sport. This is a short excerpt:

Naples or Bari transfer? De Laurentiis’ decision arrives

“To solve the time-sharing practice, I De Laurentiis They would have made the decision to sell Bari and keep Napoli. The news is not official, but consistent rumors point to this choice. Perhaps, before making a decision in this sense, the owner of Filmoro was waiting for Barry to return, after eight years, at least in the second division, even if the goals were initially higher. With the Puglia team back in Cadetria, there could have been an expression of interest. These would be wealthy Italian businessmen “seriously” interested in taking over the Red and White Club. There is still no talk of real negotiations underway between De Laurentiis and potential new buyers. As happened in 2018 with the De Laurentiis family, at the moment, potential buyers will only be examined by the Mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro.” has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to be up to date with the latest news, follow us on Google News

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