Computer completely blocked? Don't spend unnecessary money: I'll tell you how to quickly restore Windows

Computer completely blocked?  Don't spend unnecessary money: I'll tell you how to quickly restore Windows

If your computer is completely locked, don't spend unnecessary money on support. Here's how to reset Windows in a few steps.

There is nothing more annoying From computer crash And he doesn't seem to want to know how to recover anymore. It may suddenly happen that no program opens, it is even impossible to move the cursor and press the keys on the keyboard. An error usually appears After years of extensive use But it can also happen to recently purchased new generation computers.

Your PC is locked, here is the Windows recovery guide –

In these cases, you need to think immediately Send everything to help Wait for the technicians to solve the problem. It is a solution that is usually effective, but requires large financial expenses. What if we told you that there is an alternative route that you can do yourself and that will not cost you anything? Follow this helpful guide and you will know how Restart Windows In a few simple steps.

Your PC is stuck: Here's how to restore Windows in just a few moments

Thanks to this guide, A blocked computer will never be a problem again. In fact, you'll always know how to restore Windows, so all your major programs and programs can start working as usual again. Without having to support and spend hundreds of euros on a bug that can be resolved by following some quick steps.

All methods to restore Windows instantly –

With Windows 11, The first thing you need to do is right-click on Start and then choose Settings. Go to system at this point And then restore. You will find the Reset your PC button, click on it to finally click on it Restore your computer to factory settings. You will be asked if you also want to delete all files or keep them through cloud download.

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If you don't want to lose any data or programs, all you have to do is press again On the start button by right-clicking, Go to Settings and then restore your computer to factory settings. Then continue by clicking on Save Files Local reinstall After completing the guided steps, the operating system will start the automatic recovery process within a few moments.

If you are still with Windows 10The steps are almost the same. Log in to your profile, then right-click on the Start button to open Settings. Here you will need to access the input modernization and security, Where ristortino was placed. Finally, choose Get started below Reset your computer And everything will start automatically.

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