“Our first brand, the world envy us.”

“Our first brand, the world envy us.”

generous – “I think everyone knows what is Made in Italy, but it is always better to repeat it, because it is effective in terms of brand reputation.”. Renato Ancorottia senator from the Republic and a businessman in the cosmetics sector, seizes the opportunity The first National Day of “Made in Italy”.Yesterday, he celebrated his birthday Leonardo Da Vincito emphasize its importance.

This brand includes all sectors that are envied abroad. Italian Style is the third largest brand in the world after Coca-Cola and Visa. These days it also supports our reputation.” The brand reputation Ancorotti is talking about It is the result of a set of perceptions, evaluations and expectations that various stakeholders have towards a company or brand, which are the result of factors such as history, communication and company behavior adopted over time.

Ancorotti Cosmetics also contributes to making the quality of Italian products known throughout the world, as the owner himself explains with the numbers in his hand: «Last year, out of a turnover of 115 million, we had exports worth 100 million euros. This year we will reach 160 million, of which 135 will be exports. Cosmetics is one of the leading brands in our economy. It generates sales of 15 billion euros, which, including the supply chain, becomes 35. If large companies like Ancorotti Cosmetics already have an important influence on international markets, Ancorotti says a lot can be done for small businesses: “Made in Italy anonymity.” Due to its size it is difficult to internationalize. They can export more if we build a system to value their products. Small businesses should be accompanied and supported on this journey, perhaps starting with provinces like ours, where there is no shortage of excellence.”

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The businessman from Crema also focuses on the problem of protecting the Made in Italy brand: «There is a growing interest in Italian style. There is also plenty of room for growth. However, more efforts must be made to seize opportunities abroad. Our agri-food sector exports more than 60 billion euros annually. But if we go to different European countries or the United States, we see that there are products with names and packaging reminiscent of Italy, but written in small print “Made in Germany” or “Made in the USA”. There are consumers who buy thinking that the product is Italian. These are our future customers. The Italian government and business must work to make our products known abroad. The consumer must be aware of what he is buying. “It's a market worth billions.”

According to Ancorotti, “Made in Italy” sums up our country’s capabilities and creativity, which others do not have. “The art and culture aspect is also important.” On the National Day of “Made in Italy”, the mention of the dissatisfaction shown by users towards the high school bearing this name cannot be missed.. “New things are always scary,” Ancorotti says, and the students’ families may have felt overwhelmed when faced with this suggestion. It definitely needs better explanation.” The same applies to post-diploma higher technical education courses.

In Germany they work, and in Italy it is difficult to make them attractive. In my opinion, there is a lack of effective guidance. In Korea there is a specific center where if you want to become a firefighter, they make you talk to a firefighter and show you how to put out a fire. This way you will understand whether you have the competence.” Returning to its true Made in Italy, Ancorotti is about to increase its contribution to spreading the brand around the world. In August, the three new warehouses will be put into operation, next to the central body of the former Olivetti, where perfume production will be activated, which will enrich the offer. The owner of Ancorotti Cosmetics – one of the giants of the “Valley of Cosmetics” – is expanding the headquarters located in the industrial area of ​​Santa Maria with the aim of expanding the business perimeter and achieving important employment benefits. The surface area will increase from the current 45,000 square meters to a total of 50,000 square meters. All made in Italy.

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“A new record is on the horizon for “Made in Italy” agri-food.. In 2023, exports will reach 64 billion euros, about 10% of Italy's total foreign sales. At the end of this year they can register another increase in value of up to six percentage points,” said the president of the Confagriculturaltura yesterday. Massimiliano GiansantiOn the occasion of “Made in Italy” Day.

“Increasing international tensions and the increase in the cost of maritime transport and energy products cast a shadow over the economic outlook, but if the forecasts are confirmed, The gap with Spain will be largely closed. This is an outcome that seemed unattainable until a few years ago“, confirms Giansanti.
“All over the world, our products are known to have taste, quality and sustainability requirements that are difficult to match, and also because they are associated with the excellence of the Mediterranean diet. Behind the successes also lies the continuous commitment of all companies in the supply chain to interpret signals coming from the market, anticipate the evolution of demand and increase competitiveness, thanks to investments and innovations.

The strengths of our system are production differentiation, flexibility and openness to technological innovations. Specifically to make the most of these competitive requirements in the domestic and international market, “Mediterranea” was founded by Confagricoltura and the Italian Food Federation.
“Italian agriculture ranks first in Europe in terms of value added. Therefore, adding the quality and excellence of Italian agricultural production to the strengths of the industrial sector, it is clear that the country's agri-food sector has the potential to become “number one” in the world. Our exports could rise to 100 billion euros in the medium term,” notes the President of Confagricoltura.

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“Of course, there is a need to improve logistics services to reduce transportation costs that are higher than those of the competition. Assistance to companies intending to enter international markets must be strengthened. We need to focus on opening new outlets and improving our presence where, as in the Asian continent, it is currently below its great potential. In China, for example, the value of Italian agri-food exports amounts to only 580 million euros. In Japan, per capita consumption of “Made in Italy” products in this sector amounts to only eight euros, compared to 20 euros recorded in the United States.

The fact remains, Giansanti concludes, that in order to export more, we must first and foremost produce more. It is a goal that can only be achieved if companies in the supply chain, from the field, from the farmer to the final product, are efficient, competitive and able to guarantee sufficient economic margins.

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