It will be completely banned on cars, and the European Commission will not give in: it will disappear completely

It will be completely banned on cars, and the European Commission will not give in: it will disappear completely

The European Commission is seriously considering abolishing a certain practice used in cars forever

The automobile industry is facing a major revolution that will see traditional fuels disappear forever. Goodbye to diesel and gasoline, but not before 2035 for Europe, where the first step in this process will be to ban the sale of cars that run on this type of fuel.

New ban from the European Commission (Derapate)

Manufacturers have already begun to move in this direction, expanding their offer of hybrid and electric models that will completely replace vehicles with internal combustion engines in the coming years. The goal is to eliminate polluting emissions from cars, so they will be more efficient and environmentally friendly in the future.

In this context, the new procedure desired by the company is included commission EuropeanWhich launched the proposal last July 14 Eliminate the use of chromium In cars starting next year. It is potential material Very harmful For humans and nature, as it can cause health problems and diseases, even serious ones, and it is difficult to get rid of it once it is used.

Cars, goodbye chrome: we won’t see them anymore even in Italy

Chromium has been used to give a so-called chrome effect to car paint since the 1950s for two basic reasons. On the one hand, the more technical chrome plating protects the car body from bad weather and rust, and on the other hand, it is a simple personal taste of the person buying the car.

Cars, chrome ban soon
Cars The European Commission wants to ban chrome (ANSA) –

In fact, chrome plating gives a more elegant look than traditional paints. However, by using it, we risk the lives not only of those who carry out the process in the factory (exhalation of chromium can lead to cancer), but also of the entire ecosystem that surrounds us. Once it reaches the soil or recycling centers, this material is disposed of It’s hard to get rid of them With the risk of seriously polluting water and plants.

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So, Proposal from the European Commission Banning chromium in cars would be a way to make the sector more responsible in combating pollution, and encourage the use of more sustainable and safe materials. Some manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes and Volvo have already started working on this technology and have chosen less harmful alternatives.

Moreover, even in the United States, something is moving in this direction, as evidenced by the choice of Tesla, which has already introduced models with environmentally friendly paints to the market. In fact, the state of California has already submitted a proposal to ban chromium with a positive outcome, even if the ban is not before 2039, barring surprises.

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