Ilary Blasi, Who are the sisters and what do they do in life | A strong bond

Ilary Blasi, Who are the sisters and what do they do in life |  A strong bond

Mara Venere – Source: Ray video screenshot –

Mara Venere had a rude awakening, as she certainly did not expect this change in her timeline Sunday inWhich completely changes the presenter’s routine. Here’s what happened.

Aunt Mara, to the delight of her followers is back More charged than before. Fortunately, Covid has not weakened it and so it is ready to host them Two Fiboni Which led to a disturbance in the “nervous system” of its viewers. Everyone can’t wait to He listens What do they have to say? Mara Venere.

On the other hand, these weeks are specifically considered, Detection period. He began Ilary Blasi With him unique On Netflix, Belen Rodriguez and Fedez will continue Sunday in. There is a problem though. the Schedule Mother Ray has changed, what will happen to Mara and her guests?

Mara Venere’s timeline has changed

Mara Venier really decided that Leave the mark (Even more than it already is) in the final season of Sunday in. And from his words it must now be certain that, for Italy’s ever beloved aunt, this would be herLatest edition Which you will drive. Who will arrive after Aunt Mara is unknown, but at least for now we can enjoy her a little longer on TV.

As we said at the beginning, after many silences, rejections, and disagreements, the two Fiboni, whom everyone had been waiting for, finally appeared.interviewThey decided to entrust their case to her specifically, to Mara specifically. In theory, Sunday November 26 We should have listened to the live interview of Belen Rodriguez And registered from Fedez. As for why the latter doesn’t speak live, that’s still up in the air extremely confidentialBut just knowing he’ll be speaking is good for fans.

Sunday sledding is on the schedule

Guests of Mara Venere – Source: Instagram –

Everything is postponed

So viewers couldn’t wait to listen Fedez Who will probably talk about everything Sanremo scandal And maybe even that X factor And Belen Rodriguezwho, after stopping Cattelan, must tell A Mara VenereThese months of pain since after the breakup Stefano Di Martino. However, fans will be very disappointed, but they will have to wait to find out all this Sunday 3 DecemberRay also decided to leave room for him Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

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So what will happen on Sunday? practically, Sunday in It will be broadcast, but in a way reducedwhile Here… loose, You will jump Live weekly appointment. So don’t worry, next Sunday Schedule He has to go back to his classic schedules.

second tv blog, And at the end of the episode on Sunday 26, Aunt Mara will continue to move on registration From the interview with a husband Chiara Ferragni, So that the service is ready for the following week. So we just have to wait patiently for the days to pass.

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